Workout Clothes Wishlist
I rejoined the gym in February. I’ve actually been really proud of myself as there have only been two occasions where I didn’t manage to go at least once a week.
I’d been meaning to get back on the wagon for the whole of 2015 and besides going for a few runs I had mostly failed. Now I absolutely love working out and I feel so much better for it.
Most of the time I just pop to the gym for a quick 30-40 minute workout and then head home, but I do sometimes attend classes, especially when I can drag a friend.
I’ve been low on good workout clothes for a while, but today I woke up and despite wanting to go to the gym all my stuff was in the wash so I couldn’t. So I’ve spent a fair bit of my afternoon looking at workout clothes and compiling a wishlist! At the moment my finances are groaning at the thought of me splashing out, but I really do need to! I have had my eye on the Ivy Park stuff for months now, I may just have to give in… I’ve made this wishlist clickable, so you can click any of the pictures and it will take you straight to the website to buy or browse. Magical. If anyone else has any posts on what outfits you wear to work out, please leave me a comment!