This Week’s Good News
2016, while statistically no worse than any other year, most definitely feels like it’s out to get us. Every news and social media channel is just full of terrible things happening around the world, and it’s enough to make you want to hibernate until it’s all over. While it’s important to care, it’s certainly emotionally draining, and I think it’s equally important to remember that everything isn’t terrible, and actually the world is a pretty brilliant place to be. I’ve gathered together some of the more uplifting and heartwarming stories I’ve come across this week, so grab a brew and read on.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge actually funded a breakthrough

Turns out the money raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge actually did help to fund a breakthrough. There have been some pretty dumb ‘challenges’ over the years (there was literally a challenge to set yourself on fire, come on guys, really?) so it’s pretty cool to see that this one has actually had a positive outcome. The money raised by The ALS Association has helped identify a gene associated with the disease, yay science! You can read more in this article.

People in Canada came together to help a Syrian family reach their relatives

It’s always lovely to see humans helping each other, especially a family like this who has been through so much. A lady on Facebook told the story of how a group of strangers and the GO Transit company all did their bit to make sure these refugees reached their destination after a mix up.

A lovely rescue dog has the best day of his life

I am ALL about dog rescue videos, I lose hours of my life to them weekly, and they always make me super happy. This one features a super cute pupper who was rescued from a shitty life in dog fighting, getting to play with kittens. Perfect.

A colourblind guy was given EnChroma glasses for graduation and saw colours for the first time

This video is so cute. A guy from Wichita who was born colourblind asked his mum for some EnChroma glasses which make it possible to see colours normally. His reaction to his girlfriend’s hair is adorable, and then he’s like “we have to go look at more flowers”.

If you’ve come across anything that made you smile this week, please leave me a comment so I can go have a nosey!