I had been seriously lacking in motivation to keep up appearances when it came to manicures in recent months. I even have to admit that I’d been rocking bare nails for at least two months. This is pretty shocking for me, as doing my nails has been one of my most important beauty rituals for about as long as I can remember. I had got into a bit of a rut, so it was great when I got an email from Modcloth asking me to check out their Nail Klub post and see if I fancied giving a manicure inspired by one of their dresses a go.
As soon as I spotted the Beguiling Beauty dress I knew I had a colour just like it. Since purple is my favourite colour of all time, I actually had several that were very similar, but I dug out Topshop’s Plume polish, as I hadn’t worn it in a while and it’s a strong favourite! Now that it’s the end of summer (here in the UK at least) I am moving on from my neon and brights love, and finding myself falling back in love with deep colours again! I topped it off with a few layers of Technic’s Isla Bonita which is a lovely chunky glitter for a bit of dimension and promptly kicked myself for neglecting my nails for so long. There’s nothing better than perfectly polished nails, especially when you add a bit of sparkle.
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