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I went to another Weleda event in June (which I will post about soon, but you can read about the one I went to last year here – they can’t keep me away!) and they very generously gave me a goody back with some lovely things to try.
One of those things was the Wild Rose Cream Bath, which will be launching this August. I have fallen head over heels in love with it, so I thought I would share so that you can keep your eyes peeled for it when it is available!
The Wild Rose range has always been a favourite of mine, because the scent is just so luxurious, so the addition of a Cream Bath makes me very happy. There’s nothing more relaxing than adding a bit of this to your bath water and having a nice long soak. This is a creamy product, and it isn’t going to make your bath bubbly, it just adds a beautiful scent to the room and slightly moisturises your skin while you relax away.
I personally love running myself a bath, and propping up my kindle by the side and spending a little bit too long soaking. An iPad or laptop with Netflix would work well, too…
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