Plaid/Checkered Shirt – Topshop Leather Shorts – Topshop Chelsea Boots – New Look
I won’t lie, outfit posts are still a bit of a learning curve for me, and I find it hella awks posing for the camera but hopefully I will get there with time because fashion posts are definitely one of my favourites to read, along with lifestyle snippets.
This is an outfit I wear quite a lot at the moment, I picked up the leather shorts and the plaid shirt back when Grazia were doing the amazing vouchers (did anyone manage to snap up a £250 one??) and I love wearing them together. I’ve also taken to putting on a cheap Primark beanie to cover my roots because I can’t afford to get them done right now and it’s getting a little bit out of hand.
My beloved Asos chelsea boots literally disintegrated off my feet earlier this year (it was traumatic, seriously) and I finally got around to replacing them! New Look can always be counted on for affordable footwear and these are just as comfy to walk in as my old ones were.
Photos taken in my jungle garden, I thought it made for quite interesting scenery as I don’t have anybody to help me with pictures yet, nor do I have the courage to take to the streets!
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