Oh hey there, um… sorry for six month blogging hiatus. For the entire first half of 2014 I have failed miserably at blogging. This post is going to serve as a little ‘catch up’ before I get back into the swing of things, I hope nobody minds, but it’s more or less going to be an Instagram roundup kinda post.
So what’s changed? For starters, my hair, about fifty times. Yup, I’m now a very light blonde, but in recent months I have been ombre, silver, pink and purple, and various combinations.
Yup, for a while there I had super cool unicorn hair. It started out as an attempt to tone my hair as I went blonder, and ended up just turning pink, and then I just thought ‘hey, might as well make it properly pink for a while’ and just had fun with it! The last two pictures are the colour it is now. I’m really enjoying being super blonde for summer!
Also you may notice my new tattoo. Let’s address that. I finally decided to stop dithering and just start getting the tattoos I have been wanting for years! There are so many artists I love, and so many things I want on my skin forever, and I’m only going to be this young once. My beautiful Robin was done by Isobel Stevenson who works at Skinny’s Ink, although I actually had it done at Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester. That was such a fun weekend. Me and my boyfriend went down for both days, I was booked in with Isobel on the Sunday but we booked a hotel and went down on the Saturday so we had lots of time to check out all the booths and play on the bumper cars! The picture below is when it was still fresh, I really need to take a nice healed picture soon.
So apart from changing up my hair and getting tattooed, I have mostly just been working my day job, spending time with friends, and just enjoying life. Highlights include McBusted in April, which was amazing, and DJ sets from Chase & Status, Matrix & Futurebound, Sub Focus, Kove, and Netsky to name a few, which were incredible nights. I’m so happy that it’s finally starting to behave like Summer in the UK, so I’m making as much effort as I can to get outdoors and make the most of it! There’s nothing I love more than being out and about in nature, and I’m really lucky to live in a seriously beautiful place. I’ve also got Creamfields coming up which should be awesome, and so far it’s the only festival I have planned for this year! I usually go to Download but it just wasn’t in the budget this year unfortunately!
So that’s pretty much the briefest summary I could manage for this year so far, I even considered splitting this into two posts as it’s so picture heavy and long, but I think you guys can handle it. I will be blogging again properly from now on, and the beauty and fashion stuff shall resume, but I also plan to mix it up a bit with things like this, and also put less pressure on myself to post every day, or do everything just right, because it got pretty stressful trying to do all that as well as keep up with a full time job and a social life at the same time! Some people on here manage to juggle all of that so well, and I salute them for it, it really is admirable, but for me personally I just find that if I push myself too much I stop enjoying it, and that just completely defeats the purpose of why I started my blog. I adore blogging, and I have really missed it, so thank you to everyone who has stuck around, and hello to anybody who is new. Let’s do this!
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