Rapidlash rapid lash review eyelash growth
Rapidlash rapid lash review eyelash growth
Rapidlash rapid lash review eyelash growth
Long eyelashes are something I’ve always been very jealous of people for having, so naturally, when Rapidlash hit the market several years ago, I was definitely curious. I avoided buying it for quite some time, because at £40, it’s not a very cheap gamble to make. I bided my time, and read lots of reviews online before taking the plunge. The thing I noticed the most when reading through various reviews, was that the people complaining it didn’t work were waiting around a month to see results and then giving up, where as most of the reviews singing it’s praises stated that it had taken up to 10 weeks for them to see results.
With this in mind, I eventually caved and bought my first tube, not fully expecting it to work because everybody’s lashes are different, and of course there will definitely be people it doesn’t work for. For me it took at least the ten week mark before I started noticing a difference. I was pretty obsessive about peering away at them, and it is initially hard to spot a difference because you see yourself so often, but I did eventually notice a definite difference. I could also feel my lashes tickling beneath my eyebrows, so you know, that was new.
I’ve been using Rapidlash for a couple of years now, and every time I run out I panic a little. It is expensive to repurchase, but in my eyes it’s worth it because without it I felt like I needed false lashes. I do still wear them sometimes of course, because nothing looks as perfect as a set of falsies, but it’s really nice to be able to just slap on some mascara and have lovely long lashes.
The picture above is by no means my lashes at their best, they have been a lot longer than this, but this was at a point where I was finally starting to see some length again after a lengthy period of not being able to afford to rebuy it, and then finally getting my mits on it again. It’s reached the point where I’m tempted to just make sure I always have a backup tube.
There are a couple of other pieces of advice I would give when trying to grow your lashes, or just keep them in good condition, and they are:
Think twice about eyelash extensions. Before I knew Rapidlash was a thing, I tried out lash extensions, and while I initially loved being able to roll out of bed and look ready, they  tugged out my natural lashes, and I was left with a very noticeable gap, which has grown back funny ever since, although Rapidlash has helped it to grow at all. Do a lot of research into where you’re going to get them done, if at all!
When removing your eye makeup, don’t rub your eyes. Hold a cotton pad with eye makeup remover over each eye for about 30 seconds and then most of it should just come off. It will feel like forever, but it is much kinder to both your eyelashes and the thinner skin around your eyes. If you’re struggling to picture what I mean, Lisa Eldridge did a fantastic video a few years ago on how she removes her makeup using that technique.
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