blonde dip dye ombre balayage hair colour
I thought I’d share my new hair with you all, this might not be super exciting for some of you, but I finally decided to get rid of the dark ends of where my previous dye job was growing out. I dyed my hair dark brown for about 3 years, and have been attempting to grow that out for the past year and a bit now.
The last time I got my hair coloured was January, when I got a few highlights put through my dark colour to break it up a bit, and I’ve been growing it out ever since. Today my stylist dyed the bottom part of it which was still pretty dark, and did a bit of work on the layers to try to blend it all together. She also added some highlights through the top, where my natural colour is, because my hair does naturally highlight in places anyway, and adding to this will help to blend through the blonde better.
I did go in sort of expecting to leave properly blonde, but there is some dark left in the upper layers which she says I’m best off growing out. It’s hard to get a good picture of it, but in natural light the bottom bit is actually looking pretty brassy. It looked the perfect shade in the salon because of the lighting, but once I stepped outside and had a look in the mirror in my car, I was actually a bit gutted at just how orangey it looks. My natural colour is very ashy, and the highlights I’d previously had put through the dark bit went very blonde indeed so I really wasn’t expecting so much brass. I’ve bought the Fudge purple shampoo which should be arriving tomorrow, and I’m eager to see whether this helps to tone down the orangey hues a little bit, otherwise I might end up popping back soon just to see if she can tone it somehow. I’m touching wood that the purple shampoo will just sort it for me, but we will see.
I’m also a bit gutted because she ended up cutting into the cut I’d had done a couple of weeks before (they didn’t have time to colour it at the same time), and now I have a weird chunk at the front which was exactly what I’d just had fixed before, so I might go back and ask them to fix that.
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