Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Care Shampoo Conditioner Review
Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Care Shampoo Conditioner Review
Yeah so remember how much I love Weleda? I may have mentioned it one or two or three times, but I really do love them as a brand. So when I heard they were going to be bringing out hair products this year, I was pretty eager to try them.
Their range of haircare products launched this month, and I was kindly sent the Replenishing Shampoo* and Replenishing Conditioner* to try out. I have mentioned that I am actively seeking to use as many natural products as possible, and couldn’t wait to use these.
I have fine, flat hair, which doesn’t really need to be weighed down by product buildup, and I also seem to have easily irritated scalp, and the more natural the product the less I have to worry about either of these things!
They’ve brought out a Millet Nourishing Shampoo for normal hair, and a Wheat Balancing Shampoo for dandruff, but I was keen to try their Oat Replenishing products, for Dry and Damaged hair, as my hair is bleached and loves to break, a problem fellow fine hair havers (?) will no doubt relate to. The best bit is this shampoo and conditioner duo are volumising formulas, and I found them to actually work pretty well in this department! The shampoo smoothes the surface of the hair and reduces breakage, while the conditioner improves elasticity, suppleness and shine.
The shampoo smells AMAZING, aside from oat it contains jojoba oil, mimosa, tonka beans, and cedar wood oil, and together they just make it smell like something I’d be happy to have in candle form to smell all the time. It lathers up, although it contains no sodium lauryl sulfate or other chemicals, and I was able to easily massage it through my hair.
Unlike other hair products I’ve used, where the shampoos and conditioners are perfumed to smell the same, the scent in these comes from the actual ingredients themselves, with no added perfumes, so the conditioner smelled rather different to the shampoo. I can’t quite put my finger on what I was picking up on, but it has jojoba, coconut, white mallow root extract, and phyto peptides to strengthen the hair and add body. It smelled really lovely and the two together definitely did the job of adding body to my hair which really impressed me because I don’t generally expect much with my hair type, it’s forever determined to be flat as a pancake.
The consistency of the conditioner was something I really liked, it was not like any other conditioner I’ve ever used, it came out the tube more like a thick lotion, but had the consistency of a deep conditioner.
My hair feels SO strong after using these products, and they definitely help to add volume and body, which is no small feat let me tell you. Much though I was loving my John Frieda set, these have quickly overtaken as firm favourites because they don’t weigh my hair down at all, it feels light and swooshy.
I am really impressed as I have heard a lot of skepticism as to whether natural products do the job as well as your standard chemical filled alternatives, but they definitely do! I am running low at the moment, but once my spending ban is over, I will definitely look into repurchasing these, and I might even pick up the Oat Replenishing Treatment!
For now I’m just going to sit here and sniff my light, voluminous hair, because it smells amazing!
Have you picked up any of the Weleda haircare range? Had you heard about the range yet?
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