No Spend October Spending Ban Money Saving
Image credit: LateDeals, edited by me
So a lot of us have done spending bans before, and it’s certainly not a new concept by any means. But I have been in a bad way financially for many years now, and I have a bit of a different reason for wanting to do a spending ban. I am pretty convinced that my spending is already very minimal, and I want to take the month of October to do an experiment. Am I really as thrifty as I make myself believe, or am I just kidding myself?
I’ve decided to use the month of October to keep an eye on my spending in a more structured way, and I think it would be awesome if you guys joined in.
I’d love it if we could all share tips, progress, or relevant posts with each other through the month of October using the hashtag #NOSPENDOCTOBER
This could be motivation, tips, ‘shopping my stash’ posts/videos (I am defintely going to be doing at least a few of these myself) or just anything you feel is relevant.
I don’t want to share any details of my personal financial situation on here, but I may do a final ‘this is the difference in my spending compared to previous months’ summary at the end or something along those lines, after sticking to the following rules religiously:
  • No makeup or beauty products
  • No shampoo or conditioner
  • No skincare products that aren’t essential
  • No clothes, shoes, bags
  • No nail polish
  • No homeware
  • No salon beauty treatments
  • No chocolate, sweets, or unnecessary snacks
  • No magazines, books, dvds
  • Food
  • Cleaning products and general household items as they run out
  • Cleanser, skincare items I need to keep my acne at bay (can’t afford to experiment there)
  • Haircare products that will volumise my hair, but only ‘holy grail’ products, not everything I hear about (my hair is getting in the way of my happiness enough as it is)
  • A halloween costume
  • Beauty products I run out of and have no alternatives for in my stash eg mascara
  • My one weekly cinema trip (I go on Vue Tuesdays so spend no more than £5 tops anyway)
  • Transport costs (petrol, taxis)
  • A strict £20 budget for any nights out with friends
I’ve tried to make my rules realistic, I’m not going to become a hermit and make myself miserable, but I am going to keep a conscious eye on how much money I spend through out the month, and see by the end of the month how greatly this differs from my normal spending habits!
Let me know if you’re going to join in the comments, and spread the word! I’d love it if I had a few people to do it with me by October the 1st!
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