Choosing The Healthy Option – Weekend Away Edition
So I recently did a post about my healthy lunches for work, which you can read here. I was really happy that it inspired some of you, it’s great to know my posts are actually helping people. My favourite piece of feedback was when George of said I inspired her to create this awesome mini salad bar in her fridge which is probably the yummiest looking foodprep ever.
Anyway I thought I’d definitely carry on with this sort of ‘mini series’ (which may turn into a full blown food feature tbh, I love food).
Last weekend I went away with a group of friends. We got a cabin in the woods all to ourselves and just chilled out and ate and drank and had campfires and generally just an awesome time. It was all self catering, and since we were going to be there a few days everybody brought food. Storing food was no problem because we had two fridges and a freezer, so there was definitely no excuse for me to fall off the wagon and live off pot noodles (which I hate anyway).
So the night before we went, I set aside a couple of hours to just prepare a couple of meals for me and my boyfriend to eat while we were there. Doing this is really not as big of an undertaking as it seems, especially if you time it so that you can make one of your regular meals at that time anyway. All I did was make myself my tea for that evening, but up the quantities. I put some salmon in the oven to bake, and put on quite a lot of sweet potato, broccoli, green beans and rice. Once all of this lot had finished cooking, I ate my meal, boxed up portions of the extra I’d made, and set about making some chicken and throwing together a quick stir fry using the rest of the rice, a bit of the chicken, and some extra veggies I keep prepped in my fridge for salads and stir fries, just for a bit of variety so we didn’t have to eat the same thing every meal.
Preparing food in advance is really much easier than you think, and it can save you time in the long run, as well as helping you stay healthy!
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