I never used to wear fake eyelashes on a regular basis, partly because I lacked skills due to infrequent practice, and partly because my natural lashes are actually pretty okay length wise. Regardless of this, I have always had a drawer full of false lashes (no really, I might do a makeup collection video soon and show you guys) for whenever the occasion called for them. I have all sorts of lashes, from Katy Perry ones, Girls Aloud ones, to my bargain fave… the Primark spesh.
I actually bought these sets of lashes a while ago, but have only been wearing them recently after a couple of lashes broke off (yikes) and I needed to hide the patch. I figured you can never have too many lashes, and if they were terrible hey, at least they were only £1 each.
It turns out they aren’t terrible, I’m pretty sure most lashes are basically the same thing, I’m not sure what exactly makes a set of falsies £6 over £1 besides packaging and branding to be honest, but these work perfectly fine, I’ve even reused them a few times and reckon I could get away with doing so again.
My favourite ones to wear are the Natural Look ones, I haven’t really found an occasion to crack out the other two yet, but I love the way these make my eyes look. I also find they match my bottom lashes really well, as funny as it sounds.
Having worn these quite frequently lately, I’m getting rather used to the way I look with them on, I can see a bit of a lashes addiction coming on!
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