Choosing The Healthy Option – Work Lunches Edition
So lately I’ve been asked quite a few times how I manage to still eat healthily when I’m not at home, and I thought it would be good to do a series of posts to help out anybody who might be struggling for ideas. When I’m at work I almost always take food with me, most work places have a fridge and a microwave, which makes it very easy to bring something with you to heat up on your dinner break. Taking food to work with me also saves me a lot of money because I’m not buying my dinners every day anymore!
In this post I’ve just grabbed a couple of pictures of dinners I’ve brought to work with me over the past few months, I hope it gives some inspiration!Salads are always a winner! They’re very easy to throw together, and don’t need heating up again. I prep any veg that needs cutting up like bell peppers, tomatoes, etc and keep them in tupperware in the fridge so no matter how lazy I’m feeling I never have an excuse to not be healthy because I can just chuck it all together to make a salad, or throw the same things in a frying pan to whip up a quick stir fry! My salads usually consist of a base of either lettuce or spinach, with bell peppers, tomato, cucumber, and then whatever else goes with the particular salad I’m throwing together. Favourite combinations include:
Chicken, or lemon tangine fried chicken (both pictured above) which I tend to pair with strawberries and other fruit
Tuna, either on it’s own or mixed with avocado (instead of mayo) pickles and peas
Feta cheese with olives and sweetcorn (maybe not as much feta as pictured here…), and occasionally I will just have an avocado salad, as avocados are actually a good source of protein.
My rule is just to always make sure I am having protein with every meal in some form.
Aside from salads, I also like to take wraps to work with me, often just containing the above combinations, but another favourite of mine is the Gemsmaquillage pizza rolls which are absolutely delicious and I always look forward to. I do get tired of just eating salad every day, but I don’t always buy wraps in, so I quite often just take chicken and vegetables in a box and heat them up in the microwave. I usually just take green beans because they are my favourite greens, but you could take whatever you like. I usually just take them frozen in a freezer bag and microwave them at work but sometimes I will precook them to reduce the time I hog the microwave. Leftovers are often a good option too, especially if you are prone to making twice as much food as you actually need in an ‘eyes far bigger than stomach’ scenario after a long day. I’ve taken many a left over stir fry to work with me! I hope this has given you some inspiration, and shown that you don’t need to spend hours slaving away making yourself anything too fancy the night before, I for one will just be chucking last night’s roast chicken leftovers in a tupperware box with a freezer bag of greens in the morning on my way out the door in the morning tomorrow! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this!