Weleda Skincare Event
I was recently invited to go and visit Weleda for one of the ‘Join The Dots’ events they put on recently. You might have noticed if you have been reading my blog for a while that I really really love Weleda, so I decided to go along to the skincare day, to find out a little more about how the products I use are made, and also just to be nosy because I do already know quite a lot about the company, but I just thought it would be really nice to pay them a visit and see where some of the magic happens! I of course brought my camera with me, so that I could share the day with you guys, and this post might be a little picture heavy…
The day consisted of a tour of the gardens where they grow the plants that go into their products (the majority of the products manufactured at their UK site are actually their Anthroposophical medicines), demonstrations of how to make a tincture and a lotion, a look at their various skincare lines, and a bit of a discussion on the various benefits of each, as well as learning where they grow a lot of their crops, as they have a number of ethical projects around the world to make the most of the conditions certain plants thrive under, while also helping the local communities!
Some of the historical packaging on display at Weleda. Weleda has been around since 1921, so they’ve had more than a couple of redesigns since then!
The first part of the day consisted of a tour of the gardens, beginning with the Calendula flowers, which is an ingredient in many of their products, including their baby range, and the cult favourite, Skin Food.
Rows of Calendula
Gathering Calendula to make our tincture
We were taught so much about the plant itself, from it’s benefits, the anthroposophical research into the effects of different parts of different plants, and the anatomical make up of the plant itself. I thought I was already pretty clued up on this stuff already, but I actually learned a lot! I really appreciated how much of an insight we got into exactly what goes into the products we use and why.
We trimmed off some Calendula to make our tincture, and off we went for our demonstration.
A couple of the people who attended chopping up the Calendula for the tincture
The tincture we made
After our tincture making demonstration, we headed back into the gardens for a look at some of the other plants, the meadows, and the pond area.
After we’d been shown around we had some lunch before being shown what goes into a lotion, the different types of lotion, and the science behind it. We got to have a look at different ingredients, and decided as a group what to put into our lotion, which was quite fun!
 Mixing together our chosen ingredients
The finished product!
Finally we had a bit of an explanation of which skincare range is best suited to which skin type, before being allowed to sit and try out all the products that sounded like they’d suit us best!
There’s Almond, for sensitive skin, the Aknedoron range, for acne prone skin, Iris, for regulating moisture levels in younger skin and is recommended if you are in your 20s, Wild Rose, which is great for battling the signs of aging as it helps soften fine lines, Pomegranate, which is firming and helps improve elasticity in the skin making it ideal for more mature skin (they recommend it for age 40+), their cleanser and toner for all skin types, and their men’s range (although I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably be picking up the after shave balm for myself, I’ve heard such great things!).
I am actually currently using their Almond range, as they very kindly gave us all goody bags containing some of the products, and I have been very impressed to discover that the Almond Soothing Facial Oil is really good for removing waterpoof eye makeup.
It was a great and informative day, and I felt right at home amongst the Anthroposophical buildings (which are always a very particular shade of pink – as a former Steiner School pupil it was like a blast from the past) and gardens, and I pretty much just wanted to go and live there.
If I hadn’t already been sure that Weleda are a brilliant brand, I definitely would be after my day out there!