Review: Clinique Power Lashes Set
Clinique Power Lashes Set – £20* Harrods
When it comes to essential every day makeup, eye makeup has always been the most important part of my makeup routine. I’m quite lucky to have fairly clear skin these days, so I regularly leave the house with no foundation on, but even when I’m in a rush I always make time to pop some mascara on before dashing out the door. I find that framing the eyes makes the biggest difference to how presentable I look! So when Harrods kindly sent me the Clinique Power Lashes Set to try out, I was pretty excited to road test another bunch of eye products.
The set contains three products, the ‘All About Eyes’ eye cream, ‘Lash Power’ mascara, and ‘Cream Shaper’ eyeliner. All three were popped into my every day makeup bag, and put through their paces.
When it comes to eye creams, I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t really feel like they do much, but I diligently applied the All About Eyes cream around my eye area every morning and night, as it claims to reduce circles and puffs, and who doesn’t want to be rid of those? The cream itself actually has a lovely consistency, and feels almost like a primer. It really smooths the skin and makes it feel wonderful. I have taken to applying it before I put my makeup on as it just makes such a lovely base. In terms of reducing circles and puffs, after a few weeks of using it I haven’t seen a huge amount of difference, but I actually think this is to do with the fact that I’ve been getting enough sleep lately, so this hasn’t been too much of a problem area for me to begin with.
The Lash Power Mascara turned out to be the star of the show for me, despite my initial surprise when I saw how tiny the brush was. I have become so used to using really fat brushes that I feared it might be a bit fiddly and hard to use, but it actually proved to be the exact opposite. I can really get into the corner lashes with this brush, and it also helps to avoid the whole ‘mascara under the eyes’ scenario that tends to happen when I’m applying makeup in a rush. The mascara itself is fantastic for lengthening, which for me is a more natural look than I go for of an evening, but perfect for wearing to work. It also dries really quickly. Not once have I had to wipe mascara from under my eyebrows in the car, after hastily slapping my makeup on and immediately flying out the door, which is my usual routine. I was also really impressed with the lack of transferring as it has been about 35°C in my office these past few weeks and that’s usually a disaster for makeup longevity.
The cream shaper eyeliner has been carted around with me in my bag, as I have a bit of an obsession with tightlining my upper waterline, and this absolutely glides on, although I do find that I need to go back over through out the day as it isn’t as long lasting as I had hoped. It did however score major points in the sharpening department, which may be an odd thing to be impressed by, but every single other eyeliner I’ve ever owned has caused me much frustration and sharpening half the pencil away where as this one just takes a few twists and it’s good as new!
This is the look I’ve been sporting most days over the past few weeks, just a simple wash of light brown on the lid (Urban Decay ‘Naked’, of course), subtle inner corner highlight, and finished off with some minimal eyeliner and a coat of mascara.
As you can see from the picture above, there isn’t a clump in sight, and my lashes are lengthened beautifully. If I had to recommend just one product from the set, it would definitely be this mascara, as I think it’s a new favourite, but the whole set is pretty great value for money, and I definitely think the eye cream is worth a look, even if you aren’t usually into eye creams like me. Plus it all comes in a pretty pink bag, which is a good size to chuck in your handbag!