Maxi Dresses
The maxi dress has taken the Summer season by storm, kicking the mini and midi dresses little butt out of our walk in wardrobes. Not only are they the perfect garment to throw on with a pair of flip fops for the school run, but dressed up with some statement jewellery and a pair of heels for a night on the town.
Maxi dresses have not only graced the high street retail outlets, but also the red carpet at some of the most prestigious events on this year’s social calendar. Fabric can be made for comfort or structure, lightweight or embellished and every colour from the rainbow palette.
Dark neutrals and colours such as black, chocolate brown, deep plums and green minimize and make you look taller. However colours that are similar to your skin tone works equally well in elongating your petite body frame.
• Prints need to be scaled to your body frame – so avoid large patterns. If you’re a petite plus size opt for medium scale prints.
• If you have a full-figure body, larger prints complement your frame without making your curves too obvious in comparison.
• If you’re petite and/or skinny, smaller prints will suit you best without overwhelming your stature.
• If you’re petite and a plus size you can wear medium and some large sized prints as long as they stretch vertically to create a lean line.
• Short statures are easily affected by colour-blocking,  it makes them look shorter and wider.
• Long, vertical prints are great for elongating and slimming down any body figure.
Make sure the straps of your maxi dress compliments your bust size by keeping larger busts supported with adjustable straps. For smaller busts wear a bandeau or halter neck strap to accentuate your curves. We all love how many varieties the maxi dress comes in, always keeping us in style, effortlessly.
** This is a sponsored post on behalf of Forever Unique