What’s On My Wrists #3
It was a happy day for me when I bought this watch. I have the wrists of a small child, so getting watches that fit is a bit of an ordeal involving getting links removed and I can never really be bothered. I hadn’t worn a watch in years before last year, relying on my computer/phone entirely for telling the time. I’m actually pretty okay with this, but I also feel like a watch can do so much for an outfit, so I wanted to do something about my lack of a watch collection. This is now the second watch I currently own, along side the one I showed you all in my first ‘what’s on my wrists’ post here which somehow miraculously fits me (it’s from Korea which probably helps).
This one is a wrap watch slash bracelet combo and I absolutely love it. It fits me quite well, although I do have to pull it back around my wrist sometimes. You can wrap it over itself a bit though, which helps keep it snug. I’m evidently quite into black and gold, studs, and leather, so it’s right up my street! It also takes about 70% of the effort out of organising an arm party, because there is already so much going on.