What’s On My Wrists #2
A couple of weeks ago me and my friends had a nice girly night together, and one of my friends had absolutely LOADS of bangles, which she let us help ourselves to. When I was younger I used to be absolutely obsessed with bangles. I would wear so many at once, I am sure it looked ridiculous, but I was about 10 or something so I definitely thought it was cool.
Now that that I am old enough to know better, and have a better eye for colour coordination, I think bangles are safe to make their return. And it certainly seems appropriate, seeing as the 90’s are suddenly making a massive comeback. Everywhere I look it’s either Jelly Shoes, Fresh Prince T Shirts, or Peel Off Nail Polish right now, so why not bangles too?
So here is a picture of me and my ladies rocking just a few bangles. I definitely think we can pull them off, and look at all the pretty colour combinations!