My Makeup: As Makeup Free As I Can Be
I had planned to film a video today, and have a photo taking session, but then the lurgy hit. I have spent the past 24 hours sneezing and coughing on everything and everyone in sight, having epic nose bleeds, and generally feeling a bit worse for wear. Right now, I am full of snot, applying Weleda Skin Food to my poor chapped face and nose, to avoid developing scales. I am not a dragon. There is no need for scales. So instead, I thought I would share my face with you once again. Not today’s face, obviously, nobody needs to see that, but my face from a couple of days ago before I got sick.
I know the last makeup look I posted (this one here) was super super simple, and it may seem silly to post another minimal makeup post, but bear with me. That was basically a ‘no makeup makeup’ look, and I had a full face on, including eyeshadows, primers, the works. But what about when I don’t have the time to go through that routine? What about when I’m hopping out of bed, crawling into some clothes, and bolting for the door to try and be on time for work?
As a general rule, if I am at work, I am not wearing makeup. I simply prefer the extra ten minutes in bed, and  I really don’t think I’m that much of a troll anyway. My skin is behaving itself better than it has done in about 5 years right now (which I believe has a lot to do with introducing my face to Liz Earle, which you can read about here) so now seems like a good time to show you my face with the absolute bare minimum makeup products. Let’s call it my 1 minute makeup routine.
Above I am wearing just three things on my face:
L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (to tightline my upper lashes)
Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm (the pink one)
I haven’t put on any foundation, concealer (hey there dark circles), blusher, bronzer, I haven’t filled in my brows, and I even left my hair to dry naturally (something I have been doing again lately as I like to give it a break from time to time).
Mascara is my ‘must have’ product, and what I immediately reach for to make me feel human. If I don’t have much else on my face, I like to reach for my Volume Million Lashes Waterproof. This has a slightly different formula to the non-waterproof version (I really love the non-waterproof one, it’s probably my most repurchased mascara ever), and I find that it is a bit thinner. It is great for subtle volume, and decent length, with no clumps, which is what I like if I’m going for a more natural look.
I feel that one thing that really helps when you aren’t wearing a lot of makeup is tidy brows. I like to give mine a good trim from time to time. Literally, I will brush them upwards with a lash comb, and then trim the tops off. I am also quite lucky that my brows have always been pretty dark, much darker than my hair is naturally, which meant constant ‘do you dye your hair’ questions in high school when I was still a hair dye virgin, but hey, at least I don’t have to dye my eyebrows now! If you do have fair eyebrows though, I highly recommend tinting them. I know some people have quite sparse brows, and do feel like they need to be filled in, but tinting brows is easy to do at home using a kit from Boots, and can save a lot of people an extra makeup step in a rush.
I also personally find that tightlining the upper lashes can make all the difference. It is also a great alternative to lining the top lashes, or doing winged liner, as it is about a billion times quicker, and pretty foolproof. It just makes your lashes look that little bit fuller, and I make sure I do it pretty much every day regardless of what else I am wearing on my face.
And last but not least, if I don’t have much on my face, I think that wearing a full on lip colour is a tad much, so I tend to apply the Carmex Moisture Plus through out the day as it is really moisturising, smells and tastes SO nice (it’s kinda vanilla/coconut, which I love) and also gives a nice subtle hint of colour. I have been using it for years, and always pick up the pink one, although they also do a peach shade.
And that’s it! That is my go to ‘in a rush slash can’t be bothered’ face! Let me know what your must have products are in the comments 🙂