Models Own Wonderland Collection – Jack Frost & Snowflakes

 So I buy way too much nail polish, and because of this I am STILL trying out the Models Own Wonderland Collection! I always seem to have too many new polishes to try at once, and I think this is probably a sign that I should just stop buying more. Anyway, I have finally got around to playing with Jack Frost, and Snowflakes, and I really really love these polishes. We all know that I love glitter, and I love flakies. Jack Frost is a lovely multicoloured glitter, and Snowflakes is beautiful flakes of more chunky glitter the seem to reflect blues, greens, and oranges. I have chosen to layer them together here, but they would look absolutely beautiful worn individually over coloured polish.

I have seen these polishes featured on loads of blogs by now, and they both look amazing over a light or a dark blue polish! I had never really seen them in a more neutral look though, so I really wanted to try this out. 

I started with a base of Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, and added Jack Frost to all my nails. I then layered Snowflakes on top on my thumb and ring finger, finally finishing off with a layer of chunky gold glitter on my ring finger (from Saffron London). I really like this look, I’ve been wearing a lot of neon or dark colours lately, and it was nice to switch things up! I’m pretty excited to use Jack Frost and Snowflakes over some colours as well, though. If you have used these to create any looks please leave me a link in the comments, I’d love to see the different ways they can be used!