Hayley Williams for MAC
If you follow Hayley Williams of Paramore on social media sites, you may have spotted that she posted on her Instagram that she has been working on a collection with MAC. News of this collaboration had been floating around on places such as the Specktra.net forums since January, but now that we have a release date (April the 9th, to coincide with the release of Paramore’s new album) I thought it was time to say some words.
Hayley is definitely someone who is very adventurous with her look, and not afraid to express herself. Obviously she is in a rock band, which gives her a lot of freedom to express herself in many ways, and while my own personal style these days is really very conservative, I have always enjoyed her fiery hair and colourful eye makeup.
This collection is quite exciting to me, because it reminds me of the days when I was just first getting into makeup, and loved nothing more than to experiment with colour. I’d spend hours painstakingly blending together all the colours of the rainbow, or shunning browns and blacks for a turquoise smokey eye instead. I’ve dug out a very old and slightly embarrassing picture of said rainbow eyes for the occasion. Bear in mind that this picture is from 8 years ago, when I still had no idea what foundation was, and this was probably one of the first times I’d ever put anything on my face aside from mascara and a bit of khol eyeliner, and although the blending may be a bit questionable, I felt inspired, and I was having fun.
That is a look that I genuinely wore out and about during the day time when I was a teenager. These days I work a 9-5, and have become surgically attached to my Naked Palette, but every now and then I feel compelled to bust out my MAC palette and pigments (the only splash of colour that exists within my makeup collection, really) and spend a bit of time getting creative, just for my own benefit in my bedroom. Just because it’s fun! I even had a bash at my favourite look of Hayley’s, her orange and yellow fiery eyes that every makeup guru at the time did a video of on YouTube!
This collection sure boasts a whole lot of orange! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I imagine lovers of orange lipstick may well rejoice.
The products in the collection are:
Lipstick: Sounds Like Noise (a matte, bright orange)
Eye shadow: Daydreaming (a veluxe pearl frosted mid-tone coral)
Mineralize Skinfinish: Lightscapade
Nail polish: Riot Gear (a bright orange)
Even if bright orange isn’t exactly your bag, the return of the discontinued Mineralize Skinfinish ‘Lightscapade’ may be exciting, as this was a big favourite with lots of people I know. I forsee a good few backups being snapped up!
Personally I am tempted to give the lipstick a go – although with the collection being an online exclusive, there is no chance of me trying it at a counter, which may cause me to chicken out. I think I will definitely be picking up Lightscapade though, as I have yet to add a Mineralize Skinfinish to my collection, and I’ve always heard such good things about this one.
This collection will be available at maccosmetics.co.uk on the 9th of April. Will you be picking anything up? Let me know in the comments!