Haul! Primark, Boots, Topshop & my return to YouTube
So after saying many times that I was going to get back into YouTube again, I have finally found some editing software that I get on with well enough to actually make this so, and uploaded a little collective haul video that I recorded a couple of weeks ago before I got sick. This was actually the first time I had tried to use my new camera for filming, so I do apologise for the less than perfect focus I’ve got going on – I hadn’t figured out how to use my remote yet, which made things a little difficult, and you really can’t tell so easily in the viewfinder! Viewing in HD does make it watchable, and I will get better, I promise.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing some of my purchases! I’ve got a few more videos planned  for the next few weeks, and I’ve actually already filmed another one all ready to edit, so expect that soon.
In terms of what to expect on my channel, it will be much like my blog, in that I will only really upload what I really want to talk about, when I feel inspired, so I can’t promise you a new video every day, but I will probably be doing things like empties as videos from now on, rather than a post, perhaps a few tags, and I am going to be re-organising my makeup collection soon, so I will give you guys a little peek into my stash once I’ve got it all nice and presentable. I also want to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ video, because I last did one in 2007 and it has long since been deleted, but that is definitely still my favourite kind of video!
Enough rambling, here is the video! If you would like to subscribe, then please do, it would mean a lot 🙂