Dr Hauschka Moisturising Day Cream
So I know that I said in my post about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish that I am not much of a moisturiser person, because I can never really tell the difference, but I guess we can say that this has now changed.
When I was really sick, my skin was getting really dry, and much though I liked the Liz Earle moisturiser, and felt like it was doing a good job the rest of the time, it just wasn’t quite holding up at the time. I decided that I needed to find something to give my skin a bit more hydration, because nobody likes flakey skin showing through their foundation, right? I certainly didn’t.
Dr Hauschka is another brand that I grew up with. I’d say that I’ve been using their products about as long as I’ve been using Weleda  because my parents had been using their products for decades. My family and I we love ourselves some natural products! You might hear me refer to Wala, which is the name of the company Dr Hauschka Products are a part of, but it started out making medicines, and still does. If you haven’t heard of Wala before you might want to have a read, it’s pretty interesting. They happen to treat their staff really well, are not all about profit, and the company also cannot be bought, sold, or inherited as 100% of it’s shares are owned by The WALA Foundation. WALA was also made illegal by Hitler, who banned Anthroposophy! I’m pretty glad the Nazis did one, because my skin is really happy about me using this moisturiser. And you know, I’m just generally glad the Nazis did one. Anyway, I shall talk about the actual product in question, and you can read more about all of that here if you wish.
Basically, I already knew that Dr Hauschka was a brand I could trust, that was high quality and natural, so I popped down to a shop in town that sells the range, and went to town with the testers on the back of my hand. They do all kind of different moisturisers, but I decided to go for the Moisturising Day Cream, because it seemed the most suitable to my needs, and felt the best on my hand (the fact that I love the smell may have helped some, too).
The Moisturising Day Cream contains witch hazel, which we all know is good for skin, problem prone or not, and activates the skin’s natural moisturising process, as well as regulating the oil content. I can absolutely vouch for this, as my skin feels exactly the right amount hydrated when I use this, without feeling the slightest bit oily. It is quite a light moisturiser, and I am delighted at how quickly it sinks into the skin, and doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny. It honestly does feel like it is regulating my skin, which is pretty amazing for me since I’ve really never been able to tell the benefits of other moisturisers before. A little also goes a long way with this, so despite the slightly higher end price tag, this will last me a good while.
One interesting point, is that on the Dr Hauschka product page for this, they mention that you should not use moisturisers at night time, because the skin excretes toxins absorbed during the day at night, and this should not be interfered with. This is not something that I knew before, I have always just applied moisturiser morning and night! I am definitely going to be giving my nightly moisture fix a miss from now on, because I really believe that they know what they’re talking about, so I’m definitely willing to give it a go!
I highly recommend this to anybody looking for a good balancing moisturiser, and it is suitable for normal, dry, and mature skin, although it does say it isn’t suitable for couperose conditions (which I think is either the same as or similar to rosacea). You can also order a smaller sample for £4 to try, or find somewhere that stocks it near you, and see if they have testers.
I am really loving this, and will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out! Have you tried any Dr Hauschka products before?