What’s On My Wrists #1
Bracelets: New Look, Accessorize
Watch: eBay
As some of you may have noticed in the background of my recent outfit post (this one), I have all of my bracelets, and some of my necklaces hung from my picture rail on a big hanger and there are RATHER a lot of them. I have a little problem with letting go of jewellery. I also always wear the same ones.
So I decided that I would take a leaf out of the Man Repeller‘s book and share some of them with you, so we can all have a rocking arm party together. If you don’t know what an arm party or a Man Repeller is, it’s probably time to stop living under that there rock, and click here.
Sometimes I just don’t have the time to coax my face into an expression that doesn’t scare children or break cameras, and take a full range of outfit pictures. But I still like to share. This will also hopefully inspire me to break out of my comfort zone and give some of my more neglected bangles, wraps, and bracelets some daylight!
My chunky leather and chain bracelet was snapped up for £2 in the New Look sale the other day! The little chain one was from Accessorize some months back, and the watch is from a korean seller on eBay. I found LOADS when I searched ‘skeleton watch’.
What are your favourite bracelet combinations? How do you organise your jewellery? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new ideas 🙂