Topshop Nail Polish – Plume
This is only the third Topshop Nail Polish to join my collection, as my nearest Topshop only sells about 5 shades at any one time, and they’re not normally colours I ‘go for’. I was actually in there today wearing this, and the girl who served me asked where it was from! When I told her I picked it up in another Topshop store, she huffed about how they always get the rubbish shades in our store which is so true! I asked her to push for a better range of Topshop Makeup, as I  would really love to have it closer to home.
Anyway, I obviously went shopping somewhere a little more exciting last week, and I popped in to take a look at what I was missing out on. This nail polish in ‘Plume’ immediately caught my eye! Purple is my favourite colour, and this blue-purple colour is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love how it looks a different colour in different lights, sometimes the purple stands out more, and sometimes it looks more blue.
You can get away with two coats of this, although I would personally opt for three anyway, just to make it truly opaque.
I am definitely very happy to have this little addition to my nail polish collection, and I would probably have the whole range of the Topshop polishes by now if they were more readily available to me!
Which of the Topshop nail polishes have you tried, and do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments, I’ll add them to my list of shades to try out next time I’m near a well stocked Topshop store.