New Blog Design!
As you can probably already tell, my blog has had something of a makeover! I had knocked something together quickly when I first started blogging a couple of months ago, but it was never meant to be permanent, and it was far from perfect.
That is what it looked like before, which definitely did the job until now, but I decided it was time for something a bit NICER looking. I have kept the simple design for the most part, and just jazzed things up a bit, and now we have THIS:
I have added a ‘pin it’ button, which comes up when you hover over any of my pictures within posts, and added some very lovely new social media buttons, which I nabbed for free from Carrie Loves which saved me a bit of time, I had been faffing around making my own for ages before I found these, and they were just so simple and nice, and had all the icons I wanted for free! Perfect.
I have kept my ‘sharing’ widget at the side, but I might get rid of that and add one at the bottom of each post instead, what do you think?
I have also added custom font for the post titles and sidebar titles, to match my header, and I have this tutorial from Kevin & Amanda to thank for that! I think it really ties everything together, and I personally didn’t particularly love any of the fonts within blogger.
I also made a new blog button, so if anybody fancies sharing the love, you can grab that.
Let me know what you think of my new design in the comments!