My ‘Signature’ Scent?
Philosophy | Amazing Grace Eau De Toilette | £32 for 60ml
It’s time to get all romantic up in here. My new camera has arrived, and so I have been neglecting my poor blog and spending any spare time I have practicing messing with the settings. And props. Which for tonight, means romantic candle light, and seductive scents.
I haven’t spoken about perfumes on here yet, and I feel that it is time for me to tell you about my favourite perfume of all time (thus far).
I first bought Philosophy’s Amazing Grace about 5 years ago. Possibly longer than that. I was recommended it by a friend, as I like musky scents, and immediately fell in love. Everything about this product appeals to me, not just the scent, but also the minimalist design of the label and the solid bottle.
Either I haven’t sniffed nearly enough scents, or this perfume is quite unique, as I have yet to find anything remotely like it. The Philosophy blurb for Amazing Grace is ‘feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine with this clean floral fragrance‘, and they are spot on. It is SO clean smelling. It is predominantly floral, and smells ever so slightly soapy, but not in a bad way. There is definitely a musky base note in there, which lingers on the skin delightfully.
Apparently the top notes are mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot, and the middle notes are freesia, jasmine and rose. The scents all blend together so beautifully, and there is none of that ‘fresh’ alcoholly smell which sometimes puts me off perfumes a bit.
It lasts incredibly on skin and clothes, I find that it not only lasts all day, but the day after spraying it it’s just as strong, although the notes have rearranged and it becomes more musky.
I absolutely adore this perfume, and have repurchased it a good few times, but had neglected it for the past year or two due to a bit of a love affair with Miss Dior Cherie. I found myself longing for it again a couple of weeks ago, and managed to snap up this ENORMOUS 4 fl. oz. bottle on eBay! It usually retails in 60ml bottles, for £32, and can be bought from John Lewis, Boots, and various places online.
Be sure to let me know if you’ve ever tried this perfume, or what your favourite is.