L’Oréal Absolute Make-Up Remover
Since I’ve mentioned that I primarily use waterproof mascaras, and in particular since my post on Bourjois Volume Glamour Max I have had a few people ask me on twitter how I cope with using waterproof mascara every day, when it is such a nightmare to remove!
I have been using the L’Oréal Dermo-Expertise Absolute Make-Up Remover for about 4 years now, and I absolutely swear by it for removing all my eye make-up with no fuss. It has an oily layer on the top, and you shake it up before you use it, to combine it with the layer underneath. I usually just soak a cotton pad with this, and use one or two pads per eye to just easily remove everything. It takes off all my waterproof mascara, my eyeliner, shadow, and best of all it doesn’t result in lots of pulled out eyelashes as is sometimes the case when trying to remove waterproof eye make-up.
I can’t recommend this highly enough if you’ve been having trouble removing waterproof formulas, and it’s quite reasonably priced, too. It retails at £4.99, but Boots often have it on offer for £3.33, and I think this offer is on at the moment.
You do have to make sure you don’t mix it up with the other similar looking make-up remover that L’Oréal do though, as they have the same packaging, only the other one doesn’t have the blue layer on top.