Happy Valentines!
A Valentine's Day themed nail art featuring a white base, with red and gold glitter accents
Valentine's Day themed nail art featuring a white base with gold glitter accents on the finger nails, and a red glitter heart on the thumb using Ruby Pumps by China Glaze

So today is Valentines Day. It is also my cat’s birthday. She has been silly for 19 whole years! So if you don’t celebrate Valentines, you can celebrate her birthday instead if you like.

Since it’s actual Valentines now, I thought I’d best include hearts on my nails somehow, so I grabbed my polishes, tape, and a paintbrush and came up with this. Ruby Pumps by China Glaze is a favourite polish of mine, and it seemed perfect for the occasion. As usual I have gone glitter crazy, and I also learnt that drawing a heart with a tiny paintbrush is more difficult than it looks, when you are using nail polish!

I’m quite happy with the way they turned out, though!

Please leave me links to your valentines themed nails in the comments, I would love to see them!