Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week – The Model Zone
So Fashion Week 2013 has come to an end. Sadly what with my full time job and everything, I wasn’t able to sneak off down to London to attend, much though I wanted to. I have spent the week obsessively checking Instagram, and checking my favourite blogs every day to see what’s going on. Maybe next year eh?
But if you want to know what the models who took part got up to in between shows and fittings, you are in the right place. Weleda are the brand supporting The British Fashion Council’s Model Zone this year, and they very kindly let me have a sneak peek into this little haven. I was also very kindly sent the above pictures to include in this post, since I couldn’t be there myself!
The Model Zone is basically somewhere for models to rest, shower, change, eat, drink, take off their make-up and unwind out of the limelight. Weleda’s natural beauty consultants were there to offer models a bit of pampering in between events, such as an invigorating massage with a range of fragrant body oils, or holistic skincare advice.
The wash rooms and changing areas at The Model Zone were stocked with Weleda Foot Balm to soothe tired aching feet, natural toothpastes to freshen breath, organic soaps and creamy body washes for a quick shower between fittings, soothing creams to allow skin to rest and repair in between shows, and fabulously fragrant natural deodorants to keep models front-row-fresh for the runway. Weleda also introduced their new organic Body Lotions, including Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion (which is a favourite of Claudia Schiffer).
It sounds like a lovely place to go and relax, and I am sure it was much appreciated, especially since a lot of the models are very young, some are quite far from home, and many do not speak the best English. Being a part of Fashion Week also means minimal sleep, and skrimping on meals, which must take it’s toll, so having a nurturing environment to go and chill out is so important. The icing on the cake is that Weleda did all of this not for profit!
Models were also given goody bags containing Weleda Skin Food, and a mixture of other Fashion Week essentials to take away including their Almond and Wild Rose facial skincare.
I received a sample of their Skin Food*, and a selection of super cute mini body oils* myself, and I have pretty much applied Skin Food to every part of my body that was vaguely dry now. It can be used anywhere you like, and it is the most wonderfully hydrating cream I’ve ever used. It’s quite thick, and smells really fresh and citrus-y. Loads of celebs swear by it, and it’s not hard to see why. Even my once rough elbows feel like normal skin again, and did I mention how lovely it smells? It’s no wonder even Victora Beckham loves the stuff!  
I have mainly been using Skin Food on my hands, elbows, knees, and er, eyelids. For some reason I get really dry eyelids sometimes, and this really helps! No more random rough patches showing through my eyeshadow! Now to pick my favourite body oil, and go slather my legs, so they can be super soft for the weekend! Have you tried Skin Food before? I highly recommend it if you suffer from dry skin, or just want to avoid a dull complexion!