What’s on my iPhone?
It is time to talk about one of my favourite possessions  I took so long to jump on the iPhone bandwaggon. I always had good phones, and I had a very decent Android handset before this one, but when the 4S came out, I just couldn’t resist. What I love the most, and the reason I will never go back, is the simplicity. I like everything sleek, and tidy looking, and so it wasn’t long before I’d rooted/jailbroken my old Android handsets and skinned them to perfection, to the point where they practically looked like iPhones anyway. I love this thing, it does everything I could ever need, and it hasn’t bugged out on me yet! So let’s get stuck into how I use it.
First of all, my case was from eBay, and it is the nicest case I have ever seen. This is actually my second one, as they are a bit cheap, and the first one eventually gave up and cracked. I do have a couple of other cases, but I never use them because I love this one so much. My screen protector is from Poundland, and it’s a mirror! This is pretty handy, and I used it as my main handbag mirror before I got a much fancier light up affair from my boyfriend for Christmas, which to be honest is much more effective. This screen will do you in a pinch though!
I’ve never actually seen anyone do a blog post about this before, although I have seen LOTS of YouTube videos about what’s on people’s iPhones, and I love watching them. I would film one myself, my iPhone IS my camera when it comes to filming, so I’d have no way of showing anything! So here are some screen shots instead.
I only have three pages of apps, and I don’t like to put them ALL in folders, because I don’t like the way they look, but I do group certain things.
I have Phone, Messages, Twitter and Music on my little launch area dock thingy, as these are the apps I use the absolute most.
On my first screen, I have things I use on a pretty much daily basis. I have a web folder, with Safari, Chrome (great for viewing full versions of sites), Tumblr, and the Skype app in.  I have the obvious things like Facebook, Instagram, camera etc here too. And the Subway app, because I live off Subway…
Productivity wise, I LOVE lists, so I use the Wunderlist app to death. It’s better for me than the standard iPhone reminders app, because you can have multiple lists, so for example I have one for groceries, one for wish list, one for things to remember to pack for my holiday, etc. I am torn between starting a ‘blog ideas’ list, and actually getting a notebook to carry around with me, but this would be great for just jotting the main idea of a post as it comes to you! I still like to use the reminders app for reminders at a certain time, or location based reminders. For example, I have set myself a reminder for when I go on holiday, to remind my future self where I’ve put my passport so that I don’t panic!
On the next screen are apps I still use regularly, but don’t need to have to hand quite as urgently. I keep things like Netflix (I actually really like the small screen when I’m trying to get to sleep and watching something in bed), mobile banking and app store etc, Moto Deals (which I use every weekend for the Burger King discount), and all of my games!
I used to have a ridiculous amount of games, but I deleted all the ones that I don’t play regularly anymore. Scribblenauts is a lot of fun, you basically create objects by typing their name, and use them to solve puzzles. You can also just play in free mode and create silly things. The objects interact with each other, and you can give them adjectives like ‘pink friendly dinosaur’ or ‘happy purple tall cthulu’. Just about anything, really. It’s quite fun to let your friends play and see what they try to come up with.
Minecraft surely speaks for itself? I wasted (if it even counts as a waste) weeks and weeks of my life on Minecraft on PC when it first came out. Back then I was using Linux as my main operating system, and it was one of the only games I actually played. So many amazing things were built!
Tetris DEFINITELY speaks for itself. Back in the day I was a bit of a Tetris master, and I still like to play it now and then, although touch screen tetris isn’t QUITE as enjoyable. Solitaire is another classic that I have played to death, but always go back to when I need to waste a bit of time. Fruit Ninja is also simple fun!
Pandemic is a game about infecting the world with a virus you create, and you have to race against the countries of the world developing a cure, and use your cunning to go undetected for as long as needed to infect as many as possible. It’s fun. You could play it online long before it was ported to iPhone, here.
Jetpack Joyride is my ultimate obsession, and I have completed all the challenges on it and started again numerous times. I installed it on my boyfriend’s iPad when he first got it, which has kind of ruined the iPhone experience for me as it’s so much easier to play on a bigger screen, but none the less, I still get hooked on collecting coins and doing challenges!
Last up is my photography folder. If you see me adding effects to my Instagram pictures, I will have used one of these.
This last screen really is my least used page, where I chuck stuff like Stocks, my battle.net authenticator, and PayPal instore which is an exciting concept, but has yet to include any stores I can actually visit locally. I also have the Nando’s app, despite living absolutely nowhere near a Nando’s. Sensible.
There is a folder in here for blogging tools, but honestly I am almost always in front of a computer anyway, and if I’m not, chances are I’m up to something which means I am either having a great time and wouldn’t be reading or blogging anyway, or I’m driving somewhere and think getting Siri to write my posts for me is taking things a little bit too far. But they’re there if I ever need them!
Last but not least, here is a picture of my lock screen! Please excuse my messy bed in the background, but this is Kitty, my elderly cat. Her real name is Nela, and she used to have a twin brother, but he sadly died just before new year in 2011, so since then as the only cat of the house she has been referred to as Kitty rather a lot! I’ve had her since I was 4 years old, and she will be 19 on Valentines Day!
Please leave me a link below if you’ve done a post like this, or even a video, as I love seeing what other people use!