Rimmel Apocalips
So I’ve seen plenty of reviews of these already, since a lot of lucky bloggers got their hands on these before they launched. I liked what I read, and felt almost as hyped as I did anticipating the launch of the Revlon Lip Butters at the time. I loved the sound of them, the name is super cool, as are the names of the shades, and I also really like the packaging. These don’t look cheap, despite the fact that they are very much affordable, and I love the fact that the bottom is actually clear. The colour you see is the actual product!
Despite the fact that the blogosphere is now saturated with reviews and pictures of these, I still wanted to give you my thoughts on them too.
They officially launched on Wednesday, despite having been available to buy through the Rimmel Facebook before hand. I was actually the first person in my Boots to purchase these, they weren’t even on the shelves yet, but I pounced on a lovely sales assistant and got her to rummage around and find them in the delivery for me. They only had three shades delivered, despite having four testers, which was a bit annoying, but this may well be a good thing in the end, as I probably don’t NEED every colour as much as I need a healthy bank balance.
The shades I ended up grabbing were Apocaliptic (BEST lip product name) which is a berry pink colour, and Celestial, a lighter pink, a little more on the nude side. Personally I find Celestial more wearable for every day, but Apocaliptic is absolutely gorgeous if you’re a bit more done up.
In terms of the actual products, asthetics aside, the consistency is amazing. Very glossy, without being sticky, and SO opaque. The colour comes off on your lips EXACTLY how it looks in the tube.
You can leave these super glossy, and obviously also leave them all over anything you eat, or drink out of, or you can blot them for a slightly more matte finish, which I prefer. It is pretty easy to brush something past your face and end up with a bright pink streak on your cheek (I AM a very clumsy person, though, so perhaps this is just me).
Overall I really like these, and can see myself wearing them a lot. I am going to be near a slightly larger Boots store tomorrow, and it is going to take a lot of self control for me to not pick up any more shades, especially since Rimmel is on 3 for 2 right now…
Have you got your hands on any yet? Which is your favourite shade?