Empties #2
Pearl Drops Whitening Toothpaste – I’m not gonna lie, my teeth aren’t incredibly white after using three tubes of this. I don’t really expect to get perfectly pearly teeth from a toothpaste though, and hope to get them whitened professionally some time this year. I keep repurchasing this because I prefer the packaging to the standard tubes.
Tigi Bedhead Control Freak Serum – I have used this for a few years now, along with the Extra Straight Hair Straightener. Together these really help my hair to stay straight until I next wash it, which is pretty incredible. Since this ran out, due to my spending ban I have been using the Hair Straightener on it’s own, and it does still help, but I definitely feel that these products are more powerful together. I will definitely repurchase this.
Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo – I don’t think I need to say much here, we all know I love this stuff. If you read my last post, you will probably know that I will be repurchasing the XXL Volume version from now on.
St Ives Apricot Scrub – This is a ‘cult product’ of sorts, and one which I have used for as long as I can remember. It is the best facial scrub I have ever used, and I also use it on my underarms before I epilate them. Possibly TMI? Anyway, it works.
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation – This is one of my favourite foundations, and I have used it for years and years. It is great for dry skin, and the coverage is amazing. I will be repurchasing this once my spending ban ends.
Asda Protect Exfoliating Face Wipes – These are actually pretty good to have around, I’ve been using these for about 4 years, and the packaging has changed several times since then, as well as the texture and size of the wipes themselves, but they are still good, as face wipes go. I know that you should cleanse properly and not use wipes, but I bought these for a festival many moons ago, as I was worried that I would let my skin routine slip completely. They definitely helped keep my skin under control, so I have kept buying them for times when I am in a pinch.
Belea Young Face Wipes – These wipes were sent to me by my mum from Germany, and they smell AMAZING. It made me want to use them more than I should do. It’s always useful to keep face wipes in your bag in case you need to remove your makeup for any reason, or just freshen up your skin a bit, and these ones were lovely.