Blackboard nails
I am quite obsessed with my nails, and I am sure that all of my readers know this by now. I am constantly looking for nail art inspiration on tumblr, pinterest, and other blogs (go and follow me on these platforms if you haven’t already, and are into nails, interiors, and half naked ladies) and so I can’t quite remember where I first spotted this idea. I think it was pinterest.
Rather obviously, as I am sure the picture above has given away, this post is about drawing on your nails with Sharpie pens! Specifically these metallic Sharpies. The second I saw this I headed straight to eBay and bought myself a set. They were very inexpensive, I think the set cost me around £5, and obviously they don’t have to be used exclusively for nails. I have always used Sharpies, I love just using them for general writing, although I’m not one of those people who mysteriously always seems to have one in their bag on nights out to write on the toilet walls… that is something which I think every time I’m out, like who actually thinks to themselves ‘right what will I need tonight? lipgloss – check; ID – check; money – check; chewing gum – check; Sharpie to write about how much I heart my mates, and what year it is on the wall in Yates’ -check’.. but anyway, I’m rambling.
Those are just a few of the designs I played with last night (because I am wild, and decided to stay in on a Saturday night to save money, and paint my nails instead of drinking all the drinks and signing the toilet walls) but to be honest the options are endless, especially if you are better at nail art than I am. I try my best, but there are some people who are amazing at intricate designs, and I think such people could definitely put these to good use!
The reason I’m naming this one ‘blackboard nails’ is because you can just rub the Sharpie off and start again if you make a mistake. Obviously you don’t need to stick to a black or white background, you can be as creative as your imagination allows, and probably come up with some great stuff.
I wouldn’t advise getting too attached to your designs, unless you have the patience to painstakingly dab topcoat on while trying not to smudge it (I attempted this, but only managed to get it right on one out of three nails, at which point I gave up as I wasn’t done playing anyway) as this does rub off when you’re doing general life stuff, or even just sleeping, but to me that is part of the fun, you can switch up your nails whenever you like, and even doodle on them in public without people complaining that you’re stinking them out with nail polish fumes (just me who does this?).
Have you tried this yet? Or seen any cool designs people have done? Let me know in the comments.