Batiste XXL Volume

My hair is notoriously difficult to volumise, which is something that has bugged me my whole life (at least the part of my life since I was old enough to care about the way I looked). I have very fine hair, although I actually have quite a lot of it. This makes it very VERY flat indeed, and no amount of mousse or volumising lotions have ever made a real difference. My hairdresser tried to give it some life using the tried and tested ’round barrel brush blow out’ method tonight, to no avail.  

It’s no secret that I love Batiste, and when I spotted that they had a volumising dry shampoo, I was very interested indeed.  

A can of Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo

The press release states:  

“Batiste XXL Volumes’ unique instant body boosting formulation includes
micro-fine particles that work to coat and lift each hair, helping
increase thickness and fullness and adding texture without weighing
down your locks.”

The texture of it feels very similar to the Osis Dust It/Lee Stafford Matt Fat products, only combined with dry shampoo, and in a handy aerosol, rather than a faffy salt and pepper shaker type container. It also retails at £3.99, which is considerably cheaper.

I’ve read a few reviews which say that it feels sticky, which it definitely doesn’t. I was a bit baffled to be honest, I have no idea how it could possibly be construed as sticky, when it’s so very powdery.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain how you use this, it’s basically like any other dry shampoo, spray it in, rub it a bit to get rid of any white bits, and off you go, with bouncy, grease free, volumised locks.

Before using the Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo

 This is what my hair looks like when I’ve washed it, put mousse in, and all the ‘post washing’ styling products I usually throw at it, and blow dried it. Super flat and blah.  

The results of using the Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo
The results of using the Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo

This is what it looks like after I’ve used the Batiste XXL*. This might not look HUGE, but if you look at the before, and the picture above, I’m basically wearing my hair in exactly the same position, and it has doubled in volume, which is amazing for me.

I find that the more days I go without washing it, the bigger it gets, which is pretty cool. It also doesn’t really need washing very often, I have hair that actually gets DRIER the longer I go without washing it, and the main purpose of me doing so is to condition it and give it a bit of love.

I would advise that you avoid straightening your hair after you’ve used this, or applying any heat, to avoid damaging it. I like to style my hair first, then use this, and just run my fingers through it to tame it again, which works really well.

I’ll definitely be purchasing this again and again, I think it has replaced Blush as my ‘go to’ dry shampoo! And it smells just as lovely!

Have you tried the XXL volume version? Do you have any volumising secrets? Let me know in the comments.