Wish List #3 2013 Wish List
I have been meaning to write about the things I want for 2013, and had been putting together a post for a few weeks now. These are all pretty expensive things that I currently do not have the means to just go out and get, so it’s more of a true ‘wish list’ than my usual ones, which let’s face it are more of a future shopping list.
So here goes:
#1 – A damp proof course for my house! Okay so it isn’t really my house, it’s my mother’s house, but we have never had a damp proof course and let’s just say the house is not being used to it’s full potential. I always have such exciting decorating ideas but there’s never any point seeing them through because the risk of damp ruining everything is always there. Damp proof courses are super expensive though, so this may not happen.
#2 – An iPad! I have dearly loved my iPhone since I finally got one, and can never see myself wanting another phone. I am definitely an Apple convert, and ever since my boyfriend got an iPad in the summer, I have been lusting after one. I find so many of the apps I like using infinitely better to use on the iPad than my phone, and I can think of so many uses for it, from watching Netflix in bed, to scribbling out blog posts, to just having with me for amusement. And Jetpack Joyride (it was one of the first apps I ever got on my iPhone, and I LOVE it, but the iPad has totally ruined my playing it on my phone experience!).
#3 – Nice hair again! This is a super old picture of me. I think I was around 15 in that picture. That is the most natural my hair has ever been, and shortly after that I got it cut, and started dying it. I’ve really started to regret that in the past year or two, not because I regret expressing myself with purple hair, but because I have utterly ruined my hair and it hasn’t grown past a certain length ever since. A length that in my opinion I really do not suit. So I am slowly trying to go back to natural hair, at least mostly, and I aim to have hair I love by the summer.
#4 – A watch! Watches look so great on other people, but I haven’t worn one since I was a child because… I still have the wrists of a child. Literally half the bracelets I buy just fall off, and I haven’t been able to find a watch small enough to be comfortable. I want to find one that I really love where I can get the links removed and finally own a watch again. It sounds like a silly thing but I just really want to make the effort. And I have been lusting after the Michael Kors watches for quite some time, just like everybody else on the planet.
#5 – A smile I don’t want to hide! I have probably mentioned how much I hate my teeth before, and how upset I am that I was told they would ‘sort themselves out’ when I was young enough to actually get a brace for free. Now that I am in my twenties, I am more and more miserable about them, and they have not changed one bit. I’d like to get something like invisalign so that I can actually smile in pictures and open my mouth around people other than my cat.
#6 – A designer handbag! I am the kind of person who is actually pretty loyal to a bag. I will buy one I really like, and then wear it until the lining inevitably rips or the handles come off. My current bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs one which I have had for at least a year, possibly two. I love it very much, but of course the lining has ripped, and I could sew it up, but then it would just rip again somewhere else and I’d end up with a patchwork bag. I do believe that you get what you pay for with a bag, and I’d love to find something I love that will last me. I think it’s a good investment, but not one that I would make lightly, or can afford right now.
#7 – A good DSLR camera. I would really love to not have to spend QUITE so long taking pictures and editing them. That is the main reason I haven’t posted as much as I would like this week, because every time I have tried to take pictures for one of the many posts I currently have planned, it has ended in frustration and giving up. The winter light is mostly to blame, but my camera doesn’t help. I actually paid quite a lot for it a couple of years ago, and was immediately disappointed. But since I’d been using it I didn’t think that I could take it back. I wish I had tried to to be honest, because at the moment I am having to basically lighten every picture I take so that you can actually see what is going on, and the quality is really suffering. I don’t want to post pictures that even I think are bad, so I end up not posting anything at all. I’d also like to have a good camera for when I eventually restart YouTube, just to make life easier (although my iPhone will do for now).
#8 – Lighting! This goes hand in hand with the camera. Obviously if I can take my pictures in the right conditions I won’t need to be lightening them in the first place.
I know this isn’t a top ten, but these were the main things I thought of that I really want. I feel like they might not all happen, but the year is long, and we shall see what happens.
What do you really REALLY want in 2013? Feel free to leave me links to any of your posts on this in the comments, I love reading them.