Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
I know, I know, this foundation isn’t exactly new on the block, but then I’m not exactly short of foundations, so I haven’t felt the need to try any new ones of late. This all changed, however, when I was in Asda picking up some food for kitty and noticed that all Rimmel makeup is on offer for £5 or under at the moment! How could I resist? I think Boots are doing £3 off selected Rimmel at the moment as well, just in case you were interested…
I was instantly impressed when I tried it. I applied it the hasty way, with my fingers, and just slathered one pump’s worth on (yay for foundations with pumps). It gives such great coverage, and it doesn’t feel sticky! After I’d been wearing it for a while it felt like it had sunk into the skin, and when I touched my face it was like there was nothing there, but the coverage was still great. This is definitely something I love in a foundation, I always feel like I want to shove a load of powder on top if my foundation feels like it’s there, to make it smooth.
The first time I wore this I actually went concealer free, which is very rare for me, but it did a good enough job of covering my blemishes and dark circles for me to feel comfortable going to work with just a little added colour on my cheeks and some mascara.
I still like to wear my faithful Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but it’s nice to know that it does the job in a pinch if I’m rushing out the door (which I ALWAYS am in the mornings…).
Another thing I was really impressed by was that this doesn’t crease on my eyelids if I’m not wearing eyeshadow! I have slightly oily lids, and this is something that really bothers me with most foundations.
I feel like I have been using this for long enough now to know that it isn’t breaking me out – but I will let you know if anything changes. It also lasts absolutely ages on my skin! I absolutely love this foundation and would even go so far as to say it is my favourite drugstore foundation!
Have you tried this foundation yet? Which is your favourite drugstore foundation?   UPDATE: It turns out I am allergic to one of the ingredients in this foundation, and it caused my eyelids to become inflamed. I wouldn’t be able to tell anything was wrong at all if I wasn’t a contact lense wearer, but I basically wasn’t able to wear contact lenses at all until a while after I’d stopped using this, and had to use eye drops to get my eyes back to normal again. This foundation is still probably fine for most people, and I’m not trying to put you off buying it at all, because everybody is different! This was otherwise a fantastic product.