Nails: Gold And Black Sparkle
No 7 gold glitter nail polish on a black base

 Ever since I saw Amelia of Duckling to Swan post some beautiful gold glittery nails recently, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them! I am a complete sucker for anything gold and black, and ESPECIALLY anything gold and black and sparkly. So I decided to recreate them myself, somewhat. It seems appropriate to be sparkling at Christmas! These will probably be my nails right through to the new year now, I don’t think I’ll have the time to redo them.  

I used Collection Liquorice (I think, all the writing has rubbed off the bottle), Barry M Gold Foil Effects, Accessorize Gold Dust, and a Boots No 7 chunky gold glitter, although obviously any blacks and gold would do.  

I love this, it’s quite similar to some things I’ve done in the past but like I say, I’m obsessed with black and gold.  

You should definitely go check out Amelia’s blog by the way, she always has beautiful clothes and nails!