My Nails: Festive glitter with China Glaze Ruby Pumps!
My first ‘festive’ nails of the year! And as usual, I’ve gone mad with the glitter… To tell you the truth these weren’t the nails I had planned, I had all my polishes set up to do some fancy festive nail art, but then disaster struck, and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking, which meant no detailed designs for me! But as ever, a bit of glitter and a makeup sponge saved the day. I used my beloved China Glaze Ruby Pumps, which I have used every Christmas for the past three years now, it’s one of my favourite polishes of all time! It’s a bit difficult to capture on camera just how beautiful it is, but I did my best. Then I sponged a cheap gold glitter from Claire’s Accessories onto my ring fingers. I’m not sure whether this one has a name, but I’m sure if you pop into Claire’s you will find it easily enough. It was pretty cheap, and I really like it because it’s not too much of a ‘yellow gold’. Have you tried any festive glitter combos this year?