Models Own & ASOS Party Pieces
There’s a party on my nails, and you’re all invited! Remember when I said my last mani was going to last me til the new year? Yeah, I lied. Sorry.
I spotted that ASOS and Models Own had brought out this exclusive polish, and I ordered it immediately (this was before I decided I was on a spending ban, for anyone who follows me on twitter). It arrived today and I was SUPER excited to play with it.
It is packed full of lots of different coloured glitter pieces and it is beautiful. It’s very similar to Technic’s Carnival, only with slightly smaller pieces of glitter, and without the bad smell. I also found that the glitter in Party Pieces goes on a lot more densely than Carnival. I’ve done a post featuring Carnival if you want to take a look.
This was also a great excuse for me to play with one of my Christmas gifts! My boyfriend’s mum got me Nails Inc’s The Stylists minis and they are so very me.
The blurb reads ‘A range of 5 special effects polishes to add the perfect touch of glitz and glam to your nails. The Stylists has it all, whether you want full coverage glitter, a touch of shimmer, or elegant metallic shine.’ and they’re not lying!
I used Regents Park, and I guess this polish would probably fall somewhere between a touch of shimmer and elegant metallic shine. It’s not a silver, it’s not a gold, but it is absolutely beautiful. I would probably say it’s champagne coloured. It gives quite good coverage with two coats which is always appreciated.
I am so happy with this combo, and I think I really mean it this time when I say that THIS will be my New Year’s nail look…
You can pick up Party Pieces from ASOS, here.
Have you tried this out yet? What are you doing to your nails for New Year’s?