Merry Christmas!
Just thought I’d make a super quick post to say I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I had a lovely few days, it was just my boyfriend and I but we made the most of it. He really came up trumps with his choice of gifts, and it was just lovely to have some time off work to chill out and have festive drinks with friends!
It might sound silly, but one of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping gifts, the above pictures were taken post wrapping session.
I might put up a post of what I got for Christmas if anybody is interested?
Hope everybody has had a lovely festive period, and isn’t on too much of a ‘return to real life’ comedown. I have eased myself into the return to working life today, I took the morning off and we have been stuffing our faces with cake and chocolates and chain drinking cups of tea, so it really isn’t all that bad! Even so, I’m already looking forward to next Christmas…