Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover
Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover
I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I’ve never really felt the need to talk about this product until now. Everyone went mad when it came out, and ran straight out to buy it, myself included. Despite there being similar products on the market before this hit the shelves, it was a really big deal. I went into Boots and Superdrug every day for weeks until I finally grabbed the only one they had in Superdrug on my lunch break one day.
Since picking it up, I’ve used it on and off quite a bit, but considering I find it difficult to do my nails without adding so many layers of glitter my hands probably put on weight, I often just go for the ‘alien hands wrapped in tinfoil’ method. Which is a great method by the way, if you don’t mind not being able to use your hands for a good 15 minutes and have some super duper hand cream at the ready (neither of these things tend to be a problem for me).
Recently though, I decided to road test how well this performs removing glitter – and I was pleasantly surprised! Obviously it didn’t take one second, but I didn’t expect that to begin with. I’ve always known this works well for standard nail polish, but I was really impressed at how well it removed my most recent glittery nail do (this one). It probably took about a minute per nail. The glitter does kind of tear up the sponge inside, so if that bothers you probably stick to plain polish removal, but that really doesn’t matter to me too much.
My absolute favourite thing about this product has to be the smell though. I never hear people going on about how lovely acetone smells (although I’m sure there are people who like it, I mean people enjoy the smell of petrol and I’ve never got my head around that one, but each to their own), but I used this at work, and several people said it smelt really nice. And it does. If you’re someone who hates the smell of nail polish, you should probably try this product for that reason alone!
It costs £4.99, but it will last you ages, probably a lot longer than a bottle of nail polish remover would!
If there’s anyone out there who still hasn’t tried this, I can only say that you should, it’s one and only downside is that you can’t use it on your toes, but that’s no big deal, and it definitely gets a thumbs up from me!