Win ASOS Vouchers With Yourvine!
Who loves a good bargain? I imagine most of you do, so you might be interested in the Asos rewards that are currently offering.
I first spotted this last week, and was immediately interested. You basically sign up to the yourvine website, and then complete a series of challenges, in different ‘levels’, and for each level you earn a reward. There is no ‘competition’, and you do definitely get a reward for completing the levels. As a bonus, the challenges are all really simple and fun to complete!
I narrowly missed out on being able to complete the level 4 and 5 challenges, as I was taking too much time over the previous challenges, not realising that there were limited spaces! But I still walked away with a 30% off voucher, which included free next day delivery! Not bad at all! All I had to do was create an outfit using Asos Fashion Finder, which was a lot of fun anyway.
I picked up a few bits I’ve been lusting after (above) and it should all arrive tomorrow! There was a bit of a glitch using the voucher, but the customer service people at yourvine were incredibly helpful, and sorted me out right away, the communication was excellent.
There are still Level 1 (20% off your next order), Level 2 (£10 off your next order) and Level 3 (30% off and free next day delivery) prizes available, but hurry, I think there are only around 100 left for each level!
Head on over to to find out more and complete the challenges!
What would I have done if I hadn’t been too slow to pick up a £250 voucher? Wish list coming soon…