New Batiste Flavours, And Why I Hate Washing My Hair

I don’t much enjoy washing my hair. It makes showing take such a long time, and don’t even get me started on blowdry time…

So with all of this in mind, I generally only wash my hair around twice a week. Even then, I only really wash it because the ends start to get dry. Obviously this is not for everybody, and I know some people have trouble going too long without washing their hair, but I reckon I could go a good week without, with daily dry shampoo top ups if I really really had to.  

Obviously this means I always need to have a good supply of dry shampoo around. I have probably sampled most brands’ offerings that I could get my bands on in my local Boots, but my favourites have always been Batiste and Tresemme, Batiste being the somewhat more affordable of the two.  

Recently Batiste have come out with a few new varieties, and I picked up a couple to try last week.

My favourites are Lace, Graffiti, and Cherry. Lace and Graffiti smell somewhat floral, which is always a winner with me, and I don’t really need to explain what Cherry smells like… do I?  

As with all of the Batiste dry shampoos I’ve tried, they do an exceptional job of making my hair feel ‘clean’ again, as well as giving it volume!  

I can highly recommend checking these newer offerings out, as I am sure there is a scent there for everybody.  

It’s 1/3 off Batiste in Boots at the moment, and the bigger cans are currently just £1.67 each!