Models Own Mirrorball Collection (Part 1)

I recently treated myself to the Models Own Mirrorball box set, and I’m so glad I did.

So far I have tried out the two which were always going to be my obvious favourites – Boogie Nights, and Hot Stuff. Purple is my favourite colour, and I’m a sucker for hot pink so these had to be the first I used!

Models own boogie nights

Boogie Nights is a lovely mix of purples, pinks, and even flecks of navy blue chunky glitter.

Models own hot stuff

Hot Stuff is a lovely mix of chunky pink glitters, with some holographic silver chunks in there as well.

I still have Freak Out!, Disco Inferno, and Dancing Queen to try out, and I have a few ideas of combos I’d like to try, but so far I am absolutely loving this collection, as I am a massive glitter junky!