September 22nd, 2015

A Little Jaunt to London

A couple of months ago I was offered the opportunity to stay in one of Travelodge’s refurbished hotels, and after considering the different cities offered, I decided that I hadn’t been to London properly in ages, and it was about bloody time. So I packed my best mate and a bag, and off we trundled.

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January 31st, 2013

The Holiday Post

As you probably all saw, Sunday was my Birthday, and this year I decided that I wanted to do something nice for it, so me and the mister jetted off to Fuerteventura on Saturday afternoon. We got a great deal back in November, and I had been looking forward to a bit of sun very much indeed! Since the great British Summer let down of 2012 (especially up North) all I could think about was how badly I wanted to just relax in the sun!
Fuerteventura did not disappoint, and we spent four lovely days chilling out by the pool and on the beach, soaking up some rays. Temperatures were ideal, and Tuesday was 26 degrees! I know this isn’t crazy heat to most people, but it was definitely warm enough, and a far cry better than the slushy snow we left behind.
Now that I am back, having traded sun for rain, bikinis for coats, and flip flops for boots, I wanted to share some of the pictures I took.
I spent my actual Birthday lounging by the pool, I wish I could do this every year!
The next few days were spent at the beach, building sandcastles, sea defences, sunbathing. and swimming in the sea (which was warmer than the pool!). There were some camels there too. Hi camels.
We went all inclusive, so we didn’t really need to buy any food, but I decided that since we were in Spain, I wanted to find some Tapas. I did NOT expect it to be so hard to find Tapas, one day we couldn’t find any at all, so we got delicious enchiliadas and some kind of sandwich instead, which was pretty amazing. The next day we found a place that had Tapas on the menu, but only 4 options, so we decided to get pizzas instead which was also delicious! Where I live we have like 4 Tapas places, I think I might have to go get lunch at one of them before the week is out to satisfy my craving, but the food we did have was still really delicious.
I love flying, especially not the view! Saw two lovely sunsets above the clouds, and I really wish phones were allowed on during landing, as the view of the city as we were flying home yesterday was amazing! 
So that was just a very brief recap of what I got up to, hope I didn’t make anybody too jealous, but if it’s any consolation that will probably be the only sun I see all year!
Now that I am back I promise I will get back on with writing all the posts I had thought up before I left. I rather excitingly purchased a DSLR camera today, as I found a really great deal, so hopefully the quality on here will improve in the coming weeks. I know nothing about cameras or lenses though, so there will definitely be a bit of a learning period!. I also plan on using it to film videos as well! Exciting!


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