March 1st, 2013

What’s On My Wrists #2

A couple of weeks ago me and my friends had a nice girly night together, and one of my friends had absolutely LOADS of bangles, which she let us help ourselves to. When I was younger I used to be absolutely obsessed with bangles. I would wear so many at once, I am sure it looked ridiculous, but I was about 10 or something so I definitely thought it was cool.
Now that that I am old enough to know better, and have a better eye for colour coordination, I think bangles are safe to make their return. And it certainly seems appropriate, seeing as the 90’s are suddenly making a massive comeback. Everywhere I look it’s either Jelly Shoes, Fresh Prince T Shirts, or Peel Off Nail Polish right now, so why not bangles too?
So here is a picture of me and my ladies rocking just a few bangles. I definitely think we can pull them off, and look at all the pretty colour combinations!


February 23rd, 2013

Signs your bra is the wrong size

So since my post about the importance of wearing a bra that actually fits, I have had a good few tweets, emails, etc from people telling me they had measured themselves and were shocked at how off the mark they’d been! Even a couple of my friends have been re-evaluating the whole over the shoulder boulder holder situation, which is ideal, because it means they won’t have to put up with me nagging them anymore.
I thought I would just quickly show you some examples that I have found on tumblr of ill-fitting bras that upset me, to show you what I mean. It’s often easier to understand if you can see something. I did try to find the sources for these pictures, but failed.

*Image from tumblr*

If your bra rides up at the back like this, you need a smaller back size. Probably even smaller than you think. Get out that tape measure and find out EXACTLY how many inches your ribcage measures under your bust. That is your back size, and that is not negotiable. Obviously bras don’t come in odd numbers, but size up or down one inch only if that is the case. I am 27 inches around my ribcage, but wear a 28 bra. Not a 32. I think this lady is adding at least 4 inches too many here.
If you can pull your bra band away from your back, you need a smaller back size. You shouldn’t be able to pull it away from your body more than about an inch or so. And you shouldn’t have to do it up on the tightest setting as soon as you buy it. You are supposed to start on the loosest, and as the bra stretches with age, tighten up. This is to save you needing a new bra every five minutes.


*Image from tumblr*


If your bra looks like the one this lady is wearing, you need a bigger cup size. She is very attractive and she looks amazing, but a decent % of her breasts are chilling out under her armpit unsupported! That should be in a cup, so she needs to size up. If yours is looking like that then so do you! And when I say size up, I don’t mean just one cup size, it looks like this lady is a good few cupsizes off the mark! You can still get that cleavage with a correctly fitting bra, I promise.
If you missed it, the bra measuring guide I like the best is THIS one here as it explains a little bit too, and gives a true result. You are much better off measuring yourself than going to a high street store that will lie to you to try and get you to buy their limited range. Unless you are lucky enough to live near a Bravissimo or Rigby & Peller, as I have heard they are very trustworthy.
I hope this post helped somebody, and if not, well, at least I provided you with something nice to look at!


February 21st, 2013

Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week – The Model Zone

So Fashion Week 2013 has come to an end. Sadly what with my full time job and everything, I wasn’t able to sneak off down to London to attend, much though I wanted to. I have spent the week obsessively checking Instagram, and checking my favourite blogs every day to see what’s going on. Maybe next year eh?
But if you want to know what the models who took part got up to in between shows and fittings, you are in the right place. Weleda are the brand supporting The British Fashion Council’s Model Zone this year, and they very kindly let me have a sneak peek into this little haven. I was also very kindly sent the above pictures to include in this post, since I couldn’t be there myself!
The Model Zone is basically somewhere for models to rest, shower, change, eat, drink, take off their make-up and unwind out of the limelight. Weleda’s natural beauty consultants were there to offer models a bit of pampering in between events, such as an invigorating massage with a range of fragrant body oils, or holistic skincare advice.
The wash rooms and changing areas at The Model Zone were stocked with Weleda Foot Balm to soothe tired aching feet, natural toothpastes to freshen breath, organic soaps and creamy body washes for a quick shower between fittings, soothing creams to allow skin to rest and repair in between shows, and fabulously fragrant natural deodorants to keep models front-row-fresh for the runway. Weleda also introduced their new organic Body Lotions, including Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion (which is a favourite of Claudia Schiffer).
It sounds like a lovely place to go and relax, and I am sure it was much appreciated, especially since a lot of the models are very young, some are quite far from home, and many do not speak the best English. Being a part of Fashion Week also means minimal sleep, and skrimping on meals, which must take it’s toll, so having a nurturing environment to go and chill out is so important. The icing on the cake is that Weleda did all of this not for profit!

Models were also given goody bags containing Weleda Skin Food, and a mixture of other Fashion Week essentials to take away including their Almond and Wild Rose facial skincare.

I received a sample of their Skin Food*, and a selection of super cute mini body oils* myself, and I have pretty much applied Skin Food to every part of my body that was vaguely dry now. It can be used anywhere you like, and it is the most wonderfully hydrating cream I’ve ever used. It’s quite thick, and smells really fresh and citrus-y. Loads of celebs swear by it, and it’s not hard to see why. Even my once rough elbows feel like normal skin again, and did I mention how lovely it smells? It’s no wonder even Victora Beckham loves the stuff!


I have mainly been using Skin Food on my hands, elbows, knees, and er, eyelids. For some reason I get really dry eyelids sometimes, and this really helps! No more random rough patches showing through my eyeshadow!

Now to pick my favourite body oil, and go slather my legs, so they can be super soft for the weekend!

Have you tried Skin Food before? I highly recommend it if you suffer from dry skin, or just want to avoid a dull complexion!

February 13th, 2013

What’s On My Wrists #1

Bracelets: New Look, Accessorize
Watch: eBay
As some of you may have noticed in the background of my recent outfit post (this one), I have all of my bracelets, and some of my necklaces hung from my picture rail on a big hanger and there are RATHER a lot of them. I have a little problem with letting go of jewellery. I also always wear the same ones.
So I decided that I would take a leaf out of the Man Repeller‘s book and share some of them with you, so we can all have a rocking arm party together. If you don’t know what an arm party or a Man Repeller is, it’s probably time to stop living under that there rock, and click here.
Sometimes I just don’t have the time to coax my face into an expression that doesn’t scare children or break cameras, and take a full range of outfit pictures. But I still like to share. This will also hopefully inspire me to break out of my comfort zone and give some of my more neglected bangles, wraps, and bracelets some daylight!
My chunky leather and chain bracelet was snapped up for £2 in the New Look sale the other day! The little chain one was from Accessorize some months back, and the watch is from a korean seller on eBay. I found LOADS when I searched ‘skeleton watch’.
What are your favourite bracelet combinations? How do you organise your jewellery? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new ideas 🙂


February 11th, 2013

Leather And Lace





Scarf: eBay
Lace body: Primark
Skirt: Hearts & Bows via ASOS
Boots: ASOS
Jewellery: Topshop and H&M
This is actually the outfit I wore for New Year’s Eve, but at the time I couldn’t get any decent pictures of it, so I thought I’d pop it back together to show you guys, as I rather liked it.


February 10th, 2013

Wish List #4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


February 8th, 2013

The Importance Of A Well Fitting Bra

*Image taken from Bravissimo site*
Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. Drastically so. Out of all of my friends who I quizzed, only one was wearing the right size, or had any clue what was involved in bra sizing. Most women will pop into a high street store like Ann Summers, La Senza, or M&S etc and just pick up a bra they think looks okay without even questioning that their size might not be in stock. Some may ask the shop assistants for a fitting, but this is futile, as *most* high street shops are notorious for lying to consumers, and doing anything to perpetuate this misconception that boobs only exist in sizes 32A-D, that a D cup is ENORMOUS, when in fact this could not be further from the truth. Sadly most stores do not stock a decent enough range of sizes to suit real women, and so will obviously endeavour to sell them whatever they do have in stock. A lot of stores also measure using a ridiculously outdated ‘add four inches’ method, where you take the ribcage measurement, and then add four inches, to ‘get the band size’ which is horrible and wrong, and originated at a time in I believe the 50s when vanity sizing was used because the ‘ideal’ proportions were considered to be 36″-24″-36″ , and so inches were added to the labels, when in fact they measured much smaller, so that a woman who really measured say 32″ could feel more ‘ideal’. These days bra sizes display the correct inches, but for some unknown reason many bra fitters still ‘add four inches’. Bravissimo or other specialist stores are far more reputable.
This is a subject that, if you know me personally, you know I get quite worked up about. I have been known to drag friends into bathrooms in pubs, and proceed to remove items of clothing to prove to them that an E cup is NOT enormous, and there is no way in hell that my slim friend with lovely large breasts is a 36C (or indeed a 36 anything, what the hell??).
If you have any space between the edge of your bra and your armpit, you are wearing the wrong size. If your bra band is arched, in any way, you are wearing the wrong size. If you suffer from shoulder, neck, or back pains, you are probably wearing the wrong size (medical reasons aside).
I think the biggest misconception of all, is that cup size = bigger breasts, so if you are a D, you will be bigger than somebody who is a C, when in fact this is completely untrue. The ONLY thing that a cup size means, is that your breasts stick out X number of inches further from your body than the measurement around your ribcage. So depending on the back size, a C cup wearer could have larger breasts than a D cup wearer, because the ribcage of the person wearing the C is larger. I have a friend who is the same cup size as me, but because she is several inches bigger on her band size, she has fantastic large breasts, while mine are fairly modest.
In fact, your band size is an absolute measurement of your ribcage in inches, and this is not negotiable. The whole point is that your bra stays in place by  the band sitting snugly beaneath your breasts. If more people understood this, there would be more women looking for the right size because a petite woman would realise that she does not measure 36 flipping inches around her ribcage, and would get out the tape measure.
Many women are scared of the sound of ‘huge’ cup sizes, so are happy to remain in denial, in ill fitting bras, not making the most of their assets. Which is a shame, because it’s possible that this is actually ‘deforming’ their breasts. If you wear a cup size that is considerably too small, you are squashing down the breast tissue, and pushing it out of the bra, which means you probably have a whole lot of what SHOULD be breast hanging out somewhere underneath your armpit. Attractive. The truth is that a larger cupsize (if correct, obviously) only means that all of your breast tissue is nicely supported, and placed where it is actually supposed to live on the body. Once you do find the correct size (and indeed, before) it is actually important to be sure you are putting your bra on correctly, to avoid this ‘squashing out’ of the breast tissue. Cheryl at Invest In Your Chest has a much more detailed explanation here, but basically you need to actually pull or scoop all of your breast tissue into your cups from underneath the band, and under your armpits. Over time you can train it back into place this way, if it has moved, and it’s something you should be doing anyway to ensure your cups are filled properly.
I know I have mentioned slim and petite ladies quite a few times simply because I am one, but ladies who are larger than I am are just as likely to be wearing the wrong size. The fact that they may naturally have a nicer cleavage often means it’s harder to tell that the bra being worn is completely wrong. It is really important to find your correct size, no matter what shape or size of lady you are!
My bra quest started a couple of years ago, when I was convinced that I must need something smaller than a 32B bra, because why else were my bras actually coming OFF, and heading for my neck when I moved? I must need to find an A, but surely that couldn’t be right? The sad truth was that it wasn’t my breasts that were wrong, but the fact that I was trying to get a 32 anything to stay put on my ribcage, which was a decided 28 inches around. That’s 4 inches too loose, and that’s a LOT of loose. I got so so frustrated, I never had any sort of cleavage, I felt unattractive, and highly uncomfortable. At this point I wasn’t even AWARE that a 28 backsize existed, I’d never even seen a 30 before. So I thought there must be something wrong with ME.
After much ranting about how much I hated my tiny boobs, and searching high and low for the most padded bras I could lay my hands on in a bid to ‘rectify’ the situation, I came accross a post my friend made on an online community about how most women are wearing the wrong sized bra. I found out that 28 back sizes existed. I found a bra calculator and measuring guide which has changed my life a little bit. I urge everybody to go and read THIS post, follow the instructions, and at least give the results a try. I am now a happy 28E, who can get amazing cleavage WITH NO PADDING. I didn’t even know this was a thing. And I thought an E was ‘big’, which it absolutely isn’t.


*Image from Amazon*
My favourite bra that I now own is my Curvy Kate Tempt Me Plunge bra. I adore the look of this bra (although I removed the bows because they disrupted outfits, sorry Curvy Kate), the colour is gorgeous, and it’s so nice to be wearing something lacey and did I mention the cleavage? So much cleavage. I also love that the straps are fully adjustable, so you can push them all the way to the cup if you need to.
Sadly I was completely unable to find a 28E bra on the high street, (although I have heard that M&S do 28 backs, I have yet to see any in the wild) but don’t let ordering online put you off,,, and to name just a few offer free returns, so there is absolutely nothing to stop you from ordering one and giving it a try. If it doesn’t fit, simply send it back, and try a different size! I have actually bought bras from Amazon before as well, and their exhange service was exceptional, my replacement arrived before the one I sent back could possibly have arrived at their end!
I am going to cut this rant short (not even that short, this post is massive), because I fear I could literally go on all day. I haven’t even TOUCHED upon breast shape or bra shape yet, and this is often a large factor in how a bra fits, but I am going to leave you with links to a couple of great blogs which go into so much more depth than I could, and already have great posts on these subjects. actually did a post on breast shape the other day, which I urge you to go and check out, and I already mentioned but I highly recommend giving her blog a read as well for lots of great posts on this subject.
Remember girls… the one thing that is non-negotiable is the size of your ribcage! Go grab a measuring tape and find out what that size REALLY is!EDIT: Due to weight loss, I am now a 26FF. Try finding THAT size, I dare you. But it does exist, and it fits like a dream. Thank god for Ewa Michalak.


January 11th, 2013

Wish List #3 2013 Wish List

I have been meaning to write about the things I want for 2013, and had been putting together a post for a few weeks now. These are all pretty expensive things that I currently do not have the means to just go out and get, so it’s more of a true ‘wish list’ than my usual ones, which let’s face it are more of a future shopping list.
So here goes:
#1 – A damp proof course for my house! Okay so it isn’t really my house, it’s my mother’s house, but we have never had a damp proof course and let’s just say the house is not being used to it’s full potential. I always have such exciting decorating ideas but there’s never any point seeing them through because the risk of damp ruining everything is always there. Damp proof courses are super expensive though, so this may not happen.
#2 – An iPad! I have dearly loved my iPhone since I finally got one, and can never see myself wanting another phone. I am definitely an Apple convert, and ever since my boyfriend got an iPad in the summer, I have been lusting after one. I find so many of the apps I like using infinitely better to use on the iPad than my phone, and I can think of so many uses for it, from watching Netflix in bed, to scribbling out blog posts, to just having with me for amusement. And Jetpack Joyride (it was one of the first apps I ever got on my iPhone, and I LOVE it, but the iPad has totally ruined my playing it on my phone experience!).
#3 – Nice hair again! This is a super old picture of me. I think I was around 15 in that picture. That is the most natural my hair has ever been, and shortly after that I got it cut, and started dying it. I’ve really started to regret that in the past year or two, not because I regret expressing myself with purple hair, but because I have utterly ruined my hair and it hasn’t grown past a certain length ever since. A length that in my opinion I really do not suit. So I am slowly trying to go back to natural hair, at least mostly, and I aim to have hair I love by the summer.
#4 – A watch! Watches look so great on other people, but I haven’t worn one since I was a child because… I still have the wrists of a child. Literally half the bracelets I buy just fall off, and I haven’t been able to find a watch small enough to be comfortable. I want to find one that I really love where I can get the links removed and finally own a watch again. It sounds like a silly thing but I just really want to make the effort. And I have been lusting after the Michael Kors watches for quite some time, just like everybody else on the planet.
#5 – A smile I don’t want to hide! I have probably mentioned how much I hate my teeth before, and how upset I am that I was told they would ‘sort themselves out’ when I was young enough to actually get a brace for free. Now that I am in my twenties, I am more and more miserable about them, and they have not changed one bit. I’d like to get something like invisalign so that I can actually smile in pictures and open my mouth around people other than my cat.
#6 – A designer handbag! I am the kind of person who is actually pretty loyal to a bag. I will buy one I really like, and then wear it until the lining inevitably rips or the handles come off. My current bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs one which I have had for at least a year, possibly two. I love it very much, but of course the lining has ripped, and I could sew it up, but then it would just rip again somewhere else and I’d end up with a patchwork bag. I do believe that you get what you pay for with a bag, and I’d love to find something I love that will last me. I think it’s a good investment, but not one that I would make lightly, or can afford right now.
#7 – A good DSLR camera. I would really love to not have to spend QUITE so long taking pictures and editing them. That is the main reason I haven’t posted as much as I would like this week, because every time I have tried to take pictures for one of the many posts I currently have planned, it has ended in frustration and giving up. The winter light is mostly to blame, but my camera doesn’t help. I actually paid quite a lot for it a couple of years ago, and was immediately disappointed. But since I’d been using it I didn’t think that I could take it back. I wish I had tried to to be honest, because at the moment I am having to basically lighten every picture I take so that you can actually see what is going on, and the quality is really suffering. I don’t want to post pictures that even I think are bad, so I end up not posting anything at all. I’d also like to have a good camera for when I eventually restart YouTube, just to make life easier (although my iPhone will do for now).
#8 – Lighting! This goes hand in hand with the camera. Obviously if I can take my pictures in the right conditions I won’t need to be lightening them in the first place.
I know this isn’t a top ten, but these were the main things I thought of that I really want. I feel like they might not all happen, but the year is long, and we shall see what happens.
What do you really REALLY want in 2013? Feel free to leave me links to any of your posts on this in the comments, I love reading them.


January 3rd, 2013

Winter Casual

Jumper – Asda
Jacket – Primark
American Apparel Disco Pants – via ASOS
Chelsea Boots – ASOS
Necklace – Dollybowbow

Here is on of my more casual outfits I’ve worn recently. I picked up this jumper in Asda a while ago, and it really reminds me of the Topshop slubby knit jumpers, except it’s only £12! Supermarket fashion has really upped it’s game of late, and Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have some great pieces in at the moment! This is  both good and bad, as it makes it easy for me to ‘accidentally’ buy clothes when I pop in for milk (except not this month, I WILL stick to my spending ban), but it’s great because it’s pretty cheap.
I paired it with my trusty Disco Pants, which I’ve barely taken off since I got them, and my ASOS chelsea boots which I have also been wearing to death. I walked three miles in these babies the other day, and my feet could barely tell I hadn’t done it in trainers!


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