July 2nd, 2014

Mint & Leather



Leggings – Topshop
Mint Blouse – New Look
Leather Blazer – New Look (old)
Wedge Sandals – George @ Asda (old)

Please excuse my messy room, this is an outfit I wore out recently, which I loved. I dug out an old leather blazer I got from New Look for £7 in a sale years ago, which I don’t get nearly enough wear out of, and paired it with my much loved green tartan Topshop leggings and a mint green sleeveless blouse I got in New Look recently. These wedge sandals look fantastic, but they absolutely killed my feet! I have barely worn them since I bought them last year because of this, but I do think they’re really nice so I’m going to try breaking them in.

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November 7th, 2013

Autumn Outfit

Asda Cardigan
Primark skirt
Primark shoes

I snapped this outfit the other day, and I really like it as an autumn transition outfit. I can pop a coat and a scarf on to keep me warm, and the burgundy and the sequins help add a bit of something to the outfit, since I always seem to wear so much black. I am really loving these shoes I picked up from Primark (in this haul) and after taking the pictures for the post I realised that this entire outfit is very ‘budget’.

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October 17th, 2013

September Favourites


So I filmed my September favourites nice and on time, right at the start of this month, but I’ve only just got around to uploading it – bad blogger. It ended up being quite a long one, so grab a cup of tea and see what I was loving last month!

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September 25th, 2013

Primark Haul A/W 2013

Primark A/W Autumn Winter 2013 Haul


A haul? When I’ve just posted about starting a spending ban? Yep, that’s right, I went shopping last week. For the first time since March (seriously). I’ve bought a pair of shorts and a crop top between then and now, but clothes wise that’s really about it. I picked up a few essentials from Primark last week, since I didn’t own any dresses that fit me, and also had no heels that didn’t fall off my feet. I won’t go on much more, the video will tell you the rest!

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September 23rd, 2013

What’s On My Wrists #4

ASOS Gold Boyfriend Ears Watch

Asos Ears Boyfriend Watch – £25

I know I haven’t done a ‘what’s on my wrist’ post in a few months, oops. But I have a new addition to my wrist-drobe that I just have to share.
There was an Asos 20% off code floating around last week, and I decided to use it to get myself a watch. I’ve been looking for the perfect gold watch for ages, and although I would obviously love a Michael Kors watch, that definitely isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so I just wanted something plain, that would go with everything. When I spotted this one I immediately called off the search and added it to my basket.
It might be a bit childish to be immediately drawn to it because it has ears, but I definitely don’t care, and I think it’s really cool.
I have the tiny wrists of a small child, and knew I’d need to get a few links removed. After watching a couple of YouTube tutorials on link removal, I chickened out and went and got 4 links removed at a jewelers for £5 (which was what the 20% off saved me, as it turns out) and now it fits perfectly.
I haven’t owned a watch for years, so I’m more chuffed than is realistically normal!

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July 30th, 2013

Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress has taken the Summer season by storm, kicking the mini and midi dresses little butt out of our walk in wardrobes. Not only are they the perfect garment to throw on with a pair of flip fops for the school run, but dressed up with some statement jewellery and a pair of heels for a night on the town.
Maxi dresses have not only graced the high street retail outlets, but also the red carpet at some of the most prestigious events on this year’s social calendar. Fabric can be made for comfort or structure, lightweight or embellished and every colour from the rainbow palette.
Dark neutrals and colours such as black, chocolate brown, deep plums and green minimize and make you look taller. However colours that are similar to your skin tone works equally well in elongating your petite body frame.
• Prints need to be scaled to your body frame – so avoid large patterns. If you’re a petite plus size opt for medium scale prints.
• If you have a full-figure body, larger prints complement your frame without making your curves too obvious in comparison.
• If you’re petite and/or skinny, smaller prints will suit you best without overwhelming your stature.
• If you’re petite and a plus size you can wear medium and some large sized prints as long as they stretch vertically to create a lean line.
• Short statures are easily affected by colour-blocking,  it makes them look shorter and wider.
• Long, vertical prints are great for elongating and slimming down any body figure.
Make sure the straps of your maxi dress compliments your bust size by keeping larger busts supported with adjustable straps. For smaller busts wear a bandeau or halter neck strap to accentuate your curves. We all love how many varieties the maxi dress comes in, always keeping us in style, effortlessly.



** This is a sponsored post on behalf of Forever Unique

April 8th, 2013

Bra Sizing Myths, Facts, And Why We Shouldn’t Feed The Trolls

Image: http://fullerfigurefullerbust.com


A very popular blogger posted today COMPLETELY misinforming people about bra sizing. Said blogger then proceeded to delete EVERY single comment that proved her wrong, and post a self righteous comment about how she was putting comments on moderation because bra promoters decided to step in.


This is very disappointing, and untrue, as I was refreshing the page reading every single comment, and they were all just from women with boobs who knew that she was telling fibs.


She also replied to my comment telling her that I thought she was wrong because I am a 28E and anything bigger in the band rides up, telling me that I must be wrong because an E cup ‘is as big as a pair of watermelons’. She then deleted my comment. Oh me and my chain of lingerie stores, wading in trying to self promote. Not.


I would like to direct my readers to this Flickr set which will hopefully help anybody with a shred of intelligence see that cup size (letter) by NO MEANS equals size of breasts




I would also like to direct you to George of fullerfigurefullerbust.com (pictured above) who did a video proving that the ‘add inches’ method of sizing is ridiculous and does not work in practice

Finally I shall leave you with my two blog posts on the subject:
The importance of a well fitting bra
Signs your bra is the wrong size


And a very well explained fitting guide by a redditor
Excellent fitting guide


It makes me sad in this day and age that people like this force upon women this idea that if your letter is higher than C you have mutant tits and must be wrong, please head to your nearest store stocking a terrible range of sizes to be shoved into something they sell just so they can make money and you can feel normal again. Oh and by the way boobs only exist in sizes 32-38 A-D and if you think otherwise you are OBVIOUSLY an idiot.


People like that are the reason we can’t have nice things. Just because a size isn’t sold commonly doesn’t make it wrong, but trying to force women to buy common sizes over well fitting sizes IS. How are manufacturers ever going to stock a realistic range if there isn’t the damand?


We are very lucky in the UK that we have stores like Bravissimo to turn to, but even to people in other countries, the wonderful Ewa Michalak will make you a bra in just about any size you need if you drop them an email, and all for about £30 including shipping, which is no more than you would pay in Ann Summers or Victoria’s Secret!


We do have options, and we don’t have to be complacent! Don’t just accept the lies people try to shove down your throat, use the intelligence I know you all have, and do some research. It could save you years of back ache or even increase the size of your bust a tiny bit (a lot of us have boob fat chilling out under our armpits from years squashing it there trying to wear B cups when we’re really E’s… help yourself help your boobs, and let it migrate back to where it’s supposed to be!)
I’m going to go chill out now, because this made me so mad tonight! I hope that you can see for yourselves that the evidence is there, and adding inches is a comfort/preference thing ONCE you know your correct size, not ‘the way to fit’.
Thanks to George for letting me use her picture for this post, I know in my previous posts the images I used were mostly of very slim ladies, as that is the shape that I am, but I thought it would be nice to recognise that you don’t have to be skinny to be absolutely gorgeous, and I’m sure not all of my readers are the same shape and size as me! Here’s to ladies, and breasts, boobs, and tits of all shapes and sizes!


March 12th, 2013

Haul! Primark, Boots, Topshop & my return to YouTube

So after saying many times that I was going to get back into YouTube again, I have finally found some editing software that I get on with well enough to actually make this so, and uploaded a little collective haul video that I recorded a couple of weeks ago before I got sick. This was actually the first time I had tried to use my new camera for filming, so I do apologise for the less than perfect focus I’ve got going on – I hadn’t figured out how to use my remote yet, which made things a little difficult, and you really can’t tell so easily in the viewfinder! Viewing in HD does make it watchable, and I will get better, I promise.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing some of my purchases! I’ve got a few more videos planned  for the next few weeks, and I’ve actually already filmed another one all ready to edit, so expect that soon.
In terms of what to expect on my channel, it will be much like my blog, in that I will only really upload what I really want to talk about, when I feel inspired, so I can’t promise you a new video every day, but I will probably be doing things like empties as videos from now on, rather than a post, perhaps a few tags, and I am going to be re-organising my makeup collection soon, so I will give you guys a little peek into my stash once I’ve got it all nice and presentable. I also want to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ video, because I last did one in 2007 and it has long since been deleted, but that is definitely still my favourite kind of video!
Enough rambling, here is the video! If you would like to subscribe, then please do, it would mean a lot 🙂


March 8th, 2013

What’s On My Wrists #3

It was a happy day for me when I bought this watch. I have the wrists of a small child, so getting watches that fit is a bit of an ordeal involving getting links removed and I can never really be bothered. I hadn’t worn a watch in years before last year, relying on my computer/phone entirely for telling the time. I’m actually pretty okay with this, but I also feel like a watch can do so much for an outfit, so I wanted to do something about my lack of a watch collection. This is now the second watch I currently own, along side the one I showed you all in my first ‘what’s on my wrists’ post here which somehow miraculously fits me (it’s from Korea which probably helps).
This one is a wrap watch slash bracelet combo and I absolutely love it. It fits me quite well, although I do have to pull it back around my wrist sometimes. You can wrap it over itself a bit though, which helps keep it snug. I’m evidently quite into black and gold, studs, and leather, so it’s right up my street! It also takes about 70% of the effort out of organising an arm party, because there is already so much going on.


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