September 19th, 2014

Drugstore Acne Coverage Foundation Routine

So I’ve mentioned a few times on here already about my acne, and I filmed a video showing you how I cover it with affordable products! Please be kind, I’m still very new to YouTube and videos!

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September 15th, 2014

Manicure Monday

I had been seriously lacking in motivation to keep up appearances when it came to manicures in recent months. I even have to admit that I’d been rocking bare nails for at least two months. This is pretty shocking for me, as doing my nails has been one of my most important beauty rituals for about as long as I can remember. I had got into a bit of a rut, so it was great when I got an email from Modcloth asking me to check out their Nail Klub post and see if I fancied giving a manicure inspired by one of their dresses a go.
As soon as I spotted the Beguiling Beauty dress I knew I had a colour just like it. Since purple is my favourite colour of all time, I actually had several that were very similar, but I dug out Topshop’s Plume polish, as I hadn’t worn it in a while and it’s a strong favourite! Now that it’s the end of summer (here in the UK at least) I am moving on from my neon and brights love, and finding myself falling back in love with deep colours again! I topped it off with a few layers of Technic’s Isla Bonita which is a lovely chunky glitter for a bit of dimension and promptly kicked myself for neglecting my nails for so long. There’s nothing better than perfectly polished nails, especially when you add a bit of sparkle.

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September 11th, 2014

Invisalign Update #4 – Big Changes!

Hi guys! So I’m quite far into my Invisalign treatment now, and I hadn’t done an update in around 8 months… oopsie! So I uploaded a new video today to let you all know how I’m getting on, if you’re interested. I’ve seen some really big changes!

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August 4th, 2014

Weleda Wild Rose Cream Bath

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I went to another Weleda event in June (which I will post about soon, but you can read about the one I went to last year here – they can’t keep me away!) and they very generously gave me a goody back with some lovely things to try.
One of those things was the Wild Rose Cream Bath, which will be launching this August. I have fallen head over heels in love with it, so I thought I would share so that you can keep your eyes peeled for it when it is available!
The Wild Rose range has always been a favourite of mine, because the scent is just so luxurious, so the addition of a Cream Bath makes me very happy. There’s nothing more relaxing than adding a bit of this to your bath water and having a nice long soak. This is a creamy product, and it isn’t going to make your bath bubbly, it just adds a beautiful scent to the room and slightly moisturises your skin while you relax away.
I personally love running myself a bath, and propping up my kindle by the side and spending a little bit too long soaking. An iPad or laptop with Netflix would work well, too…

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July 18th, 2014

Models Own Utopia




Models Own – Utopia

Last year I fell in love with light, pastel shades. I had always been really into bright nails in summer, and dark nails in the winter, but I finally decided to branch out into the realm of pastels, and Models Own Utopia was a shade that I saw Lily Melrose raving about, and I just thought it was perfect. It was probably the first ‘pastel’ colour I got, and I wore it to death. It started off a whole love affair with light pinks, mint greens, and pale corals and this year I’ve found myself reaching for it on a regular basis again!
It’s the most perfect dusky mauve pastel colour I’ve ever met, and it’s just the right amount earthy while still being girly and summery. If you’re looking for a new summer colour and you somehow haven’t tried this one yet, it’s an oldie but a goodie and I really recommend giving it a chance!

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June 18th, 2014

Unicorn Hair, New Tattoo, and Fun in the Sun

Oh hey there, um… sorry for six month blogging hiatus. For the entire first half of 2014 I have failed miserably at blogging. This post is going to serve as a little ‘catch up’ before I get back into the swing of things, I hope nobody minds, but it’s more or less going to be an Instagram roundup kinda post.
So what’s changed? For starters, my hair, about fifty times. Yup, I’m now a very light blonde, but in recent months I have been ombre, silver, pink and purple, and various combinations.






Yup, for a while there I had super cool unicorn hair. It started out as an attempt to tone my hair as I went blonder, and ended up just turning pink, and then I just thought ‘hey, might as well make it properly pink for a while’ and just had fun with it! The last two pictures are the colour it is now. I’m really enjoying being super blonde for summer!
Also you may notice my new tattoo. Let’s address that. I finally decided to stop dithering and just start getting the tattoos I have been wanting for years! There are so many artists I love, and so many things I want on my skin forever, and I’m only going to be this young once. My beautiful Robin was done by Isobel Stevenson who works at Skinny’s Ink, although I actually had it done at Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester. That was such a fun weekend. Me and my boyfriend went down for both days, I was booked in with Isobel on the Sunday but we booked a hotel and went down on the Saturday so we had lots of time to check out all the booths and play on the bumper cars! The picture below is when it was still fresh, I really need to take a nice healed picture soon.


So apart from changing up my hair and getting tattooed, I have mostly just been working my day job, spending time with friends, and just enjoying life. Highlights include McBusted in April, which was amazing, and DJ sets from Chase & Status, Matrix & Futurebound, Sub Focus, Kove, and Netsky to name a few, which were incredible nights. I’m so happy that it’s finally starting to behave like Summer in the UK, so I’m making as much effort as I can to get outdoors and make the most of it! There’s nothing I love more than being out and about in nature, and I’m really lucky to live in a seriously beautiful place. I’ve also got Creamfields coming up which should be awesome, and so far it’s the only festival I have planned for this year! I usually go to Download but it just wasn’t in the budget this year unfortunately!



So that’s pretty much the briefest summary I could manage for this year so far, I even considered splitting this into two posts as it’s so picture heavy and long, but I think you guys can handle it. I will be blogging again properly from now on, and the beauty and fashion stuff shall resume, but I also plan to mix it up a bit with things like this, and also put less pressure on myself to post every day, or do everything just right, because it got pretty stressful trying to do all that as well as keep up with a full time job and a social life at the same time! Some people on here manage to juggle all of that so well, and I salute them for it, it really is admirable, but for me personally I just find that if I push myself too much I stop enjoying it, and that just completely defeats the purpose of why I started my blog. I adore blogging, and I have really missed it, so thank you to everyone who has stuck around, and hello to anybody who is new. Let’s do this!

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January 7th, 2014

My Everyday Hair

Hi guys! I posted a new video on my YouTube Channel today, on my everyday hair routine. I would love it if you would check it out, and subscribe if you haven’t already! My channel is my baby, and I’m really enjoying making videos. Much though I love blogging, I sort of feel like now I’m not buying things I don’t have as much to talk about with you guys, where as it’s quite easy to think of things I could make videos on.

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December 19th, 2013

Makeup Organisation Sneak Peek and Life Update


My New Year’s dress, oooh sparkly! – £52 Elise Ryan via Asos

Hello bloggy friends! I wanted to apologise for my relative absence over the past month or two. I will do this in a moment, but for those of you who really don’t care, or just read blogs for the pretty shiny things (which is fine and I totally do that too) I have included a sneak preview of my makeup storage, which I will be doing a video on shortly, and a picture of my New Year’s dress, which I am completely in love with, and can’t wait to wear. It’s my ‘princess dress’. Here is a link to it if you would like to buy it for yourself.
When I first started my blog, I promised myself that I would never blog if my heart wasn’t in it, and my blog would be for me and what I loved. This is something that I have stuck with through out, and intend to do so until the end of time.
There are a few reasons for this absence, the most notable being I really didn’t have anything much to blog about. I like to blog about stuff I really love, and unless I go out and buy things, honestly my beauty routine stays pretty much the same. I’ll get into that more in a bit. The one thing I have been feeling like I want to do more is outfit posts. This is essentially the thing that first drew me to blogging, but funnily enough the thing I’ve actually done the least. My reasons for this have been that firstly I found it awkward taking pictures in my bedroom, and only recently found a good spot to take them outside, but also because I don’t buy clothes very often, and feel bad showing you things that aren’t currently available in shops. I am considering just going for it anyway, as I guess it could serve as inspiration. We shall see.
The other major factor has been my finances. Remember No Spend October? If you don’t, you can read all about it here but basically in October I decided that I wanted to see whether I was spending extravagantly, or whether I just wasn’t earning enough, and challenge myself to spend as little as possible. This basically lead to a bit of a ‘lightbulb moment’ for me – at the age of 23, I have ridiculous levels of debt, which in my defence were partially racked up due to a period of unemployment, but still, I could have a degree for this level of expenditure, yet all I have to show for it is the clothes on my back and the food in my body. I actually don’t spend extravagantly, was the gist of my No Spend Challenge. I actually barely buy anything.
Regardless of how I got into this mess, (which is a bit of a boring story which I will tell another time if anybody actually wants to hear it, or feels like knowing might help them) my focus now is on shifting it once and for all so that my income is actually my own. Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not some kind of cash cow, you don’t make megabucks just because you have a blog, and yes, occasionally you get sent free products, which you would otherwise have had to buy, and this is nice, but this is not nearly as often as is perceived, and in my entire time blogging I really haven’t made much money at all. Which isn’t my reason for blogging, so it’s fine. I blog because I enjoy it and will continue to do so. But it does mean that I needed to start concentrating purely on my 9-5 job, and any other little projects I could work on that would bring in a bit of extra cash to throw at loans and credit cards. So that is what I have been doing. I’m sorry that I didn’t bring you all along for the ride, but it hasn’t really been a very exciting ride. Mostly just spreadsheets and budgeting and lots of surveys.
Obviously this has lead to me not really buying anything, not having anything new to talk about, and feeling okay about that. Despite being approached about a couple of sponsored posts in this time, I haven’t put anything up. Even if I would be being paid for it, which obviously would help me reach my goal of debt payments, if it doesn’t feel right for my blog, it won’t get posted. I’d rather you guys put up with radio silence than filler content that interests nobody. So sorry, but also not sorry?
I’ve also not really been reading as many blogs as usual because I felt like I was seeing too many things I wanted to spend money on. So sorry if you are used to receiving comments from me daily and this has stopped, it’s nothing personal, I’ve just been trying not to enable myself! The love is still there!
I am really looking forward to Christmas, so I am planning a few things for during/after the whole festive period, and I also have a few videos coming up soon again too. I’m finding it a lot easier to feel inspired when it comes to YouTube than blogging these days, but haven’t had the time to actually film or edit!
What are you all doing for Christmas? What have you been upto?

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December 5th, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide – My Favourite Picks


Apologies for my absence of late, I’ve had a few things to deal with, and blogging has, as always had to take a bit of a backseat to make way for real life. Such is the way when blogging is not your job, unfortunately! However I am back in full swing, and I wanted to bring you my favourite picks of the Christmas Gifts I’ve seen floating about the internet so far. I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, and I’m brimming with ideas, so you might see a few more gift guide posts in the next couple of weeks! So let’s jump in…

Yankee Candle Gift Set – £10 Asda

This is the perfect gift for somebody you know loves scented candles, I can’t vouch for all of the scents in the set, but I am a big Yankee Candle fan and this is presented very nicely.

Real Techniques Sam’s Picks Brush Set – £25 Escentual

This set is absolutely on my own wishlist, I have been wanting to try the Real Techniques brushes ever since they first appeared, but have yet to do so. This looks like a good all rounder set, and would even be great for someone new to makeup.

Weleda Skin Food Christmas Cracker – £3.50 Weleda

I know I always bang on about Weleda (I’m not sorry), but Skin Food really is THE most amazing product that everyone should own, especially in the winter time. This cutely packaged handbag sized tube is an amazingly reasonable price, and would be great for a ‘stocking filler’ or for if you are getting someone a few smaller gifts.

Limited Edition Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish – £19.75 150ml

This has definitely featured in my favourites at least once this year, ever since discovering it I have to say this is one of my favourite cleansers of all time, and in it’s limited edition packaging would make a really lovely gift for somebody. Especially if you already know they use it!

Please let me know in the comments if you’ve done a gift guide post! I may have finished my shopping, but I still love to see what you guys are liking!

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