Hi there, my name is Verena and I run things around here!

I’m 26 years old, and I hail from the North West of England. I blog about food, beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and generally just whatever springs to mind. I can’t promise you the latest beauty launches or pinterest worthy snaps, but I can definitely give you a little peek into my life and the things I love!







27 year old lifestyle blogger from the North of England

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  • My living room for the past year has been absolutehellip
    2 months ago by gleepface My living room for the past year has been absolute goals and I'm gonna miss it, even though I'm absolutely not gonna miss the rest of this death trap of a flat ✌
  • Its just like Venice but its not in Italy
    1 month ago by gleepface It's just like Venice, but it's not in Italy
  • 2 weeks ago by gleepface
  • Its been SO grey recently but this is from ahellip
    2 days ago by gleepface It's been SO grey recently, but this is from a day when I saw rainbows out my window literally all day and it made me the happiest